Vacation Runs: You know you want to do it

You know you got it really bad when you choose vacation destinations based on availability and accessibility to running routes. I haven’t quite reached that point yet. But I do make sure I pack my rubber shoes and 1 or 2 running kit just in case I can squeeze in a run.

Here are some of the vacation runs I’ve done.

1. Nasugbu. Well, we actually went to Fuego to join the 10K but I would love to go back again and again to run the rolling hills of Fuego. Great view, killer route, delicious breakfast! The perfect ending would be to hit the beach after a long run and eat their pizza!

If/when we get to stay longer, I would love to run the route to Nasugbu proper … and maybe all the way to Calatagan. 


2. La Union. A series of unfortunate events led me and my friends to La Union during the Christmas break. I was thrilled to discover that the beach right outside our resort was perfect for barefoot running. When we got there, I immediately did a few practice strides. The sand was firm. The beach was clean. I can run barefoot!

I woke up at 6am and started running. After about 200m, I was able to adjust to running barefoot. The tricky part was choosing your path. I discovered that sand recently lapped by the waves was best for running. The Brgy San Juan cove was very long. After I reached the 5km mark, I got hungry so I started running back to the resort. 


3. Cebu. I did manage to run in Cebu. I ran in the morning and in the evening.

For my morning run, I started at Waterfront Mactan and headed towards Mandaue. It was still dark and no runners from the airport. When I hit the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, I finally saw runners. Goodness, that bridge was steep. I saw the old bridge from Marcelo Fernan but I just decided to stick to my out and back 10K. 

My evening run was with runTintin. We started from the hotel again. It was a little harder to run towards the bridge in the evenings. More jeepneys. The bridge is well lit and even has guard so we felt safe. On our way back, it started raining hard. So just like any sensible runner  caught in the rain while on a run … we kept on running and laughing. And of course, people stared.  We didn’t care. It’s fun to run in the rain. That was fun and one of my favorite runs.


4. Bantayan Island. When we were planning the trip to Bantayan, Tin mentioned that there is a 10K route that we have to try in the Island. It would take us from one munipality to the next (i forgot the names).

Our alarms started going off way to early but we still managed to peel ourselves from our bed. We couldn’t run side by side because the road was a bit narrow so we ended up running in a line. Then to keep things interesting, we started an Indian Run.

An indian run is when you run in a single file and it begins when the last person in line sprints to the front. This continues until you cover your target time or distance.

For our run, we decided that the person in front will set the pace for 1km. Then after 1km, the last person sprints to the front again. Fast and exhilirating! You run your pace and pay the penance if the next person sets it faster and thank the gods if its slower. I think the 3 of us, all pushed ourselves real hard that Sunday and of course we couldn’t help but smile and beam after the run. I would love to try this one again with T2 (maybe in Bantayan again) 😛


Time for your own vacation run!


10 thoughts on “Vacation Runs: You know you want to do it

  1. nice vacation runs and pictures..go..go..go!..see you again this weekend!

    we wont be at greenfield sir.
    panalo yung party kagabi! congratulations again!

  2. how i wish i can afford to have a vacation… grand vacation na sa akin yung makatakbo sa MOA at Baywalk eh.

    yung mileage mo naman can easily bring you to a vacation destination. 😛 i hope may repeat your run and ferry runabout. cant on may 2 but would love to join the next one.

  3. will try to do a repeat and create other adventour runs. i tend not to join races anymore because registration nowadays are very costly. i can’t win anyway so i’d rather just bandit or organize my own run route :p

    i know! from 150 – 250 last year … races are now 300-500. grabe!

    yey to adventour runs, will keep an eye on your posts!

  4. oh yeah!! love those barefoot beach runs!

    thanks for the visit. and yep, im a fan of barefoot beach runs. kanina sa SlimmeRun may barefoot … ouch!

  5. Amado – thanks for testing the cebu route. hehe after reading your post i knew it was safe and doable.

    Timmy – thanks for visiting. hope to see you sa runs.

    Mukhang Guilty – tagal naman ng Beijing Day3 na yan.

  6. nice, nice pics of your runs out of town, beach running looks like a good xt recovery run after a hard long race.

    it is fun, highly recommended ko yung la union beach kasi it’s still clean and no danger of broken glass etc sa beach. you deserve a break after 102 and greenfield

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