Airspeed: Channeling Paula

A couple of Sunday’s ago, I texted a few friends. “Airspeed. Hataw 5K, game?”. I only managed to convince 3 crazies to do this with me.

One of the crazies dropped out last night, until next time.  Fast forward to the 5k finish line, the 2 crazies with me rocked and clocked in at 22sumthing and 25sumthing. My unofficial time was 28:35. Still quite far from my 5K goal time, but I’m getting there. If I end up cutting my time second per second, then so be it. Click here for the results.

I was trying out a couple of new things today. I saw this video on youtube and I wanted to try and mimic Paula’s stride. Mangangarap ka na rin lang, aim high na. If you have 7min15sec, I highly recommend that you watch the video at the end of the post. Audio is a bit bad but Dr Silverman from NJSports Medicine offers very interesting tips on how we can tweak our running form for better performance.

And so as suggested in the video, I tried to work on my form.

Head Tilt. I have a tendency to tilt my head back, so earlier I consciously kept my head at neutral. According to the video, tilting the head back acts as break and slows you down.

Higher butt kicks. Next target, maintaining a higher butt kick. They teach us this at TmBR but watching Paula in slow motion made better sense to me. The higher the kick, the quicker it pushes back down. According to chi running it has something to do with pendulum motion… physics stuff I managed to ignore in college. 

New tricks + the adrenaline rush of a 5K race + MOA flats saw me with a 4:45 pace for the 1st km. This in itself was a victory for me. Back in November, 4:40 was my 20 meters all out pace and today I was on it for 1km! Sadly, I paid dearly for my 1st km rush. I was  struggling at the half way point. Pain! But remembering the rush of the 1st km kept me going, I was not going to waste the time I gained from the 1st km by walking or slowing down to a 6. Pride!

Enjoy the video! 

Update: Argh! We didn’t hang around after the race. Should have. Hay! I just saw that I won my age category. Official time 28:40 and I came in 7th, again! Fun! Totally unexpected too. *dance of joy* I wonder if they gave out prizes for age category winners. Hmm…




6 thoughts on “Airspeed: Channeling Paula

  1. Gawd, top 10 ulit! ha ha.

    I swear I did 24mins from the Fort to Reposo during Condura, which is stupid because I could have snagged a 5K PR were I not doing a way positive-split half-marathon instead ha ha.

  2. cecil – haha! next time, I will stay na talaga and check if i won something. wow 24! wish ko yan, kahit plus 1 min pa. oki lang 😛

    amado – thanks. congrats to you for finishing way above your time goal and to pam for a great first 10k.

    yup, im keeping things interesting by trying out a few things. im also hoping to improve my long run pace.

  3. Congrats Batgirl!!!! I’m so happy you placed in your age group…happy din nakita ko yung club name natin sa list hahaha galing!!! Idol!!!! Maybe I’ll join the time trial next time!!!..(pero paliit muna ko ng hita hahaha)

    keti … thats why i put the results. uberkewl to see T2 Running sa race results. next time trial, may papahabol ako sa yo. mwahahaha.

  4. Hi Bards,

    Congrats! Sayang wala ka sa awarding… my daughter received a shirt and gift cert from krispy kreme

    Krispy Kreme!!! Aw, now i feel bad about missing the awarding. But I would have stayed had I known I won. I just never imagined that I was somewhere up front. Hay! Congratulations to your daughter. Heto chika, when I was reading your blog (before I saw the results) I was wondering pa bakit 3 lang yung age category winners. hahaha

  5. podium nanaman? becoming a habit Bards! Congrats! =)

    aliw di ba. now if i can just run a little bit faster. i’d be happy with your easy run pace 😛

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