whistle while you run

Today’s program was a bit tough but I was determined to log in a good run. Why? I was still frustrated with my run yesterday so I wanted to make up for it. When I got to Ultra, I took time to have a proper warm-up. I did 3 laps at easy pace, stretched and did a few drills.

On the menu:

1200@5:37min/km – Hit

1000@5:28min/km – Hit

800@5:26min/km – Hit

600@5:18min/km – Miss

400@5:20min/km – Miss

200@5:00min/km – Hit

After the 1200s, I adjusted the rest intervals in order to survive the workout. 

It was another hot hot hot workout. As I was doing my intervals, I remembered a trick we used when were kids to make the wind pick up. Whenever we fly tupi-tupi (folded paper kites) in our village and there is no breeze, my brothers would whistle and pretty soon the wind will pick up and our tupi-tupi would start soaring. I thought it would work, so in the middle of my intervals, I tried to whistle to cool down a little. 

I quickly discovered that you can whistle while you work and try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee but it is hard to whistle while you run. Luckily, it cooled down a little while I was finishing my 5K easy.


2 thoughts on “whistle while you run

    1. hmm. tupi-tupi is just folded paper and we just use sewing thread preferable Astra. yung boka-boka ba is parang diamond shaped one with tail and walis tingting skeleton?

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