Wednesday Long: Chopped Up

Should I run long after a Half? Sure, why not!

After I explained to my legs that Sunday’s Half was just a tempo run, they agreed to run long but uber slow with me last Wednesday.

The moment I stepped out of the office, I wanted to go back in and just run on the treadmill. It was so hot.

My legs were still heavy from the “tempo run” so the first hour was walk/run for me. After 1 hour and covering 7km, I was so hot and I toyed with the idea of calling it a day. Suddenly, the wind picked up and it got a bit cooler.

200236712-001I could smell rain!  It’s going to rain!

I told myself I will run one more 1 hour at uber slow pace. The gentle shower started when I hit km4 and stayed with me for the rest of the run. It was so refreshing. Not too hard that you get your shoes soaked but enough to cool you down. I saw a few runners enjoying the dusk shower also. I completed 8km in 1 hour.

7 + 8 =15. What’s another 10? I was ready to dream big and hit 25. Sadly, I had to settle for 21. My calves started complaining at Km20. I just pushed them long enough to complete 21.


This was another slow training run for me. Next week, no more excuses *sana*. I should start running on pace.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Long: Chopped Up

  1. cecil – the heat! hay that will take a lot convincing.

    amado – i wish for more rains, specially during my long runs.

    lonerunner – kakaiba ka talaga. hey why did you go back to the shoe pix. a few hours ago, your avatar was your pix na ah. hehehe

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