Condura Run: Thanks Muna



Around 600m to the finish line, a loonyrunner whispered, “Sprint Bards”. 300m out someone with ironshoes shouted, “Sprint sprint, you are just 300m out. That’s less than one round in the track.” Pacer Henry was chanting, “Push! Push!” I’ve been running for over 2 hours, I was dehydrated. I was too weak to resist, so I just did what they asked and sprinted. Official finish time, 2:08:42. Thanks guys! This was not only a PR for me but I was able to cross off one of my goal race times. For 2009, I was aiming for a 2:10 Half. Maraming Salamat!

Harry, Joy, Beni, Bards, Smokey, Essie, Vicky, Mesh, Chay, Dingdong, Vince, Kristine, Kathy and Ray

Congratulations to T2 for completing the Half . Thanks to our muse/photog/support team leader Chuchay and to Lito driver/photog/bodyguard ng muse.

So, Kristine was asking, What’s next T2? We’ve done a Half, eh wala naman 3/4 …. so ano ne, hakone?


With BroJ and Swthrt


With pacer Henry before going up Kalayaan flyover again. Thanks ulit Henry!


13 thoughts on “Condura Run: Thanks Muna

  1. Hi Bards,
    I missed you at the skyway, maybe at the turn around point, since we’re just a minute ahead of you. Congrats for the personal best. See you soon.

    Sayang! But it was still ang saya-saya! Even up to last night, i still was giddy happy about this run. Congrats to Xty too!

  2. bards, the next one should be another full this coming may..good luck & congrats to a new PR (again!)

    hahaha its a good thing im not dehydrated now, otherwise id be saying yes that suggestion. All your race predictions came true. Even the PR for TmBR members.

    Thanks so much, congratulations to you and your great finish too. I noticed you opted for the newtons also.

  3. congratulations sister for breaking your previous not say pr or pb from now on ,just say good time kasi i am sure you will do better in your next 21.meron uli sa april 19 di ba? relatively flat lang iyon ; )

    and there is botak 42 come may.and milo 42 come july.i can’s stop.we can’t stop,roll over and die.we MUST run.

    i hope that answers hakone.


    congrats din sa yo. nahabol mo na rin. let the good times roll!

  4. Ba, panalo sa porma Bards, fierce!

    After this, well, with the mileage you’re piling up on your counter, there’s a 42 x 2 night run in Singapore and a 42 x 2 +16 offroad at Clark in May ….

  5. charles – thanks! congrats din, bilis mo last sunday. oh and thanks for the CLB pix. got a copy from Ting.

    cecil – its a good thing side view yung pix. i was cross -eyed tired na when that picture was taken. what’s next … hay! Im still afraid to think about a Full.

    joe – thanks for believing!

  6. Bards – Ang bilis mo so I kinda missed taking your picture. I did get Beni, Vicky and Cathy. I will send Beni my multiply or facbook link.


  7. Congrats bards! =)
    ang saya ng run! you could see it in everyone’s faces… before, during and after the race

    super fun! tapos crossing the finish line with a medal was perfect after a hard run. parang reward talaga.
    but now after getting few finisher’s medals, I have started asking myself. Now, ano na gagawin ko sa kanila?

  8. Congrats Bards! Di na talaga ako aabot sa pace mo, hehehe. Great finish! and still looking strong. Pwede pa another 21k? Nice to meet the t2 gang! Keep on running! God bless!

    PaceMate don’t say bad words. of course, bibilis ka pa. pati ako bibilis pa *sana*. hope to get back to Ultra soon.

  9. Congrats to T2! Sosyal naman may support pa! By the way, did Beni ever find the water bottle she lost on the skyway? :O

    someone had a bright idea and went a step further, nagpaprint pa ng tarp. it was good knowing that we had support van filled with goodies.

    Si Beni, sadly never found her water bottle na.

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