RunNew: Conflicted

Racing 5.I will let you in on a secret, when I woke up this morning, I cheerfully said, “I’m so glad I’m only running 5K!” I KNOW! I feel like such a traitor for even thinking it. I felt like such a slacker! But honestly, when I woke up I was so convinced that a 5K race is less stressful. No need to wake up too early. No need to eat a little extra to keep me going over the distance. No need to prepare my fuelbelt and other props.

Then I got to the starting line and the palpitations and acid build up started. Ugh!


The crowded starting line? Nah, it wasn’t the number of runners. I love joining well attended races. The collective energy is enough to get you to the finish line.

The route? Nah! I love this route. I have been on it so many times that I know where to approach the uphills so I that I run on the less steep side. 

It was the competitive bug that got me.

I got to the starting line and it bit me hard! I really thought 5K was going to be easy until I realised that if I wanted to post a better time I have to hit my pace immediately. No time to coast for a few kms and make up on the last kms. This is just 5K. Hit or miss! I thought of slacking and just running easy,  for just a couple of seconds and shook my head to banish the evil thought. If I wasn’t running long, the least I can do is run hard.

I was so focused I think I missed flashing a smile at almost all the photovendo photogs haha.

Garmin said I finished in 28:28. Better than Fuego but still slower than Pringles. 

I’m looking forward to my next 5k. And next time, I will respect the distance and the discipline required to really race it.

Smokey, Kathy, me, Chay, BroJ, Baby, Mesh and Vicky




Mesh, Vicky, Chay, Smokey, Vince and Kathy with T2’s very own MD, Dingdong. Congrats runMD!


8 thoughts on “RunNew: Conflicted

  1. hi bards! you looked even slimmer than before. thats what running does to you. sayang i missed Power Run and RUNew too. I was supposed to join RUNew but had to go to our province in Liliw. Hope to see you in Coffee Run.

  2. Ey SHIELA, u didnt run!?! Saw ur name sa results a. Eniweis hope ur feeling better. See u up and down mkh. 🙂 JOE! Mabuti na they fixed the results. Woohoo! EyTBR, Eek! Angle lang yan. Turns out i need to log more kms if i want to drink coke everyday. Hay, the things id do for an ice cold coke. Hehe

  3. When my daughter-in-la Pam mentioned to me that she overtook you I could not believe it and was wondering what went wrong for you. Your analysis is correct, you need to respect the distance. But, why run 5K when you can easily do 15K anytime of the day?

  4. ah didnt technically win. i gave my race number to a friend as she forgot to register. eh she just wanted to run lang naman daw. it turned out she finished the 15k in 1:17 so under my age category eh she won. hahaha. see you soon

  5. sir amado – Ay, Pam is really faster than me 😛 why 5K … because when I decided to sign up, i really thought that the 5K would be a piece of cake. haha plus, i was running hard but had i known that i was running in the top ten then i would have gone on race mode. might not make a lot of sense but for me there is a difference between running hard and racing. i prefer running hard. 😉

    shiela – ay, sayang naman for her.

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