Clark Run

Safe po ba dito?
Yes, ma’am! This is Airforce City.

So I can run tonight and I’d be okay?
*slight hesitation with a puzzled look* Jogging ma’am? Opo.
That’s good enough for me.

Mt Arayat on my route
Mt Arayat on my route

I was out and running before 5pm. I’ve lifted my running TRO after 2 days full rest. *rewind* My legs felt knotted and heavy last week. My pace has been suffering. I realised that I was just logging junk miles which will eventually lead to an injury.

The culprit … I think it’s the increased mileage plus the back to back weekend races. I was really hoping I could run it into submission. Talo! I finally listened to my body and declared a 2 day running holiday. It was also good timing since the past couple of days have been hectic.

I finally laced up this afternoon. I was so excited! Fresh legs on a new playground. Plus, I really love afternoon runs because on a clear day, the sky just shows dramatic colors.

I haven’t plotted out my route yet but I had a general plan. I was going to use the roads we have been traveling on from the airport to the hotel. I have observed that they were well lit and has a sidewalk.

I decided to warm-up at the Parade Grounds. After a 2km warm-up, I headed back to Holiday Inn and out towards McDonald’s. After passing the Duty Free shops I saw a sign pointing towards the Main Gate. This will lead me to SM and the sign says its 8kms away. Perfect! The road to the main gate had lots of  cars and trucks but it was manageable.  There was a shoulder and I felt safe running on it. I only had to share it with the occassional biker.

I did have a ninuninu moment * twilight zone theme* . Disclaimer: I’m one of those lucky ones who can’t see ghosts and other elementals. Eniweis, just after the Friendship Road intersection I looked at my shadow and it looked odd. My left shoulder was elevated. I checked my form and my shoulders were even. Then it hit me, I swear for a few seconds, it looked like something was perched on my left shoulder. I blinked several times and said “Tabi tabi po.” I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me … sana.  I did run a bit faster after that.

When I reached SM, I crossed to the other side.  I realised then that I made mistake. Big time! I only brought 100pesos with me, not enough to buy a Panizza! I could have bought one and ran with it like Dean K. hehe.

Running towards SM was easier than going back. A few cars heading towards the Main Gate were on the shoulder so I had to run on the footpath.

I finished my 21K just a few meters from the hotel door. Sakto!


12 thoughts on “Clark Run

  1. “Disclaimer: I’m one of those lucky ones who can’t see ghosts and other elementals” -> ngayon hindi na. hehehe. nice adventure run bards.

    yikes! no! wag po! i like to run pa naman sa heritage.

  2. Mas masaya kung sa ruins ka tumakbo, I bet you would’ve seen a lot more spirits there 😉

    ruins is on the way to clark expo? now i do think i have a guardian angel. mumo, no!

  3. oo nga i heard may multo daw dun sa ruins… I like running sa clark kaso sa mga main road medyo mabilis ang mga sasakyan, parang a hit n run waiting to happen. Be safe! 🙂

    running to the main gate was like running along C5. i opted to stay sa main road kasi medyo wala na talagang tao dun sa side roads.

  4. Hahaha! First you have the disappearing soldiers at the libingan, now you have this daemon perched on your shoulders! You can’t see supernatural beings but THEY CAN SEE YOU!! ninuninuninu… 🙂 Ikain na lang natin yan sa C!

    C! C! C! good thing i didnt end up at C baka inagawan ako ng panizza. lekat pati naman ninuninu ka-pace ko na.

  5. Bards, i saw this in one of the status in Facebook.

    …is excited about next Wed’s episode of Ghost Hunters International. They visit the Philippines–Clark AFB and Baguio’s Diplomat Hotel. 9-10 pm on SciFi.

    I am definitely watching! NOT! =D

    wednesday? hmm… 😛

  6. fun sa clark! 😀 I bike from Basa to Clark on Sundays. The thrill of the chills (of having ghosts around hehe) will keep your adrenaline pumping!

    luv clark! kaingit naman kayo ni dindo, your playground is sooo nice. Plus may supernatural assistance pa for fartleks hehe

  7. Hi Bards,

    Did you take other photos (aside from the dormant Mt. Arayat) during your run? View them again (closely), you might have captured “friends” unseen by the naked eye 😉

    the arayat pix was taken last tue. *whew* i think beginning today i wont take pix na during evening runs.

  8. Hey Bards. Hope your time in Cebu is going well. Just checking in to see how things are. Take care and have a good weekend!

    ey wayne, hope things are getting better on your side of the world. not yet in cebu… will head out there in a couple of weeks time. uber excited about it already.

  9. Running past along the hospital ruins near the Clarkwater and Expo always gives me the goosebump. I avoid looking at it and instead run on the other lane.

    There is also a good running area outside Clark. Secret.

    its really a good thing that i didnt head towards the expo. hmm… good running outside, sa friendship and beyond? baka required nyort nyorts haha

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