Running in Cebu … suggestions please.

business_woman_walking_hamster_wheel_hg_whtI will be heading to Cebu -Mactan area- for a week.

Can anyone PLEASE suggest a running route?

I don’t want to be make it like a hamster  in the gym but I also don’t want to do fartleks with the local dogs.



8 thoughts on “Running in Cebu … suggestions please.

  1. bards, try to search my “cebu runs” in my blog when i was still active in the service (from marco polo hotel up to the TOPS or farther to ayala subdivision)..that was 1st quarter of 2008. or you can run the two bridges that connect cebu & mactan & have some pics taken on the bridge..ayala center would be nice place to run also or sa SM area na lang..if you have time, try to reach mt manunggal for your challenging mountain trail run..hehehe! happy trip!

    I saw your entry na. mountain run, i will try to find time for it. but the bridge run is promising. runtintin lets go!

  2. Hi Bards, I remember doing the two bridges’ run on a consistent basis when I went there to cover the twice-taken ASEAN summit. I stayed in a hotel on the Lapu-Lapu side, on a road that leads directly to the old bridge, which gave me about 12 or 13K per outing. The road leading to the Shangri-la by way of the airport should also be great except it was off-limits when I was there.

    i will check out the airport road but for now i think i will end up doing the bridge runs. yey 12-13 is fun and easy to squeeze in. thanks!

  3. Hi Bards,

    The roads in Mactan Island are wide enough to run (and not much vehicular traffic in early mornings). You can try the main route from the airport going to Punta Engano or head towards Maribago and Marigondon. If you stick to the main roads, no problem with the iro 😉

    marigondon .. maribago, asa cebu pa ako nyan ha? ;* ) thanks. at least i have options now. i was worried about getting stuck sa gym. now to find a map to find the mari gondon and bago.

  4. Hey there, I usually run inside the Ayala Center when I’m checked in at Marriott Hotel, or try Abellana Sports Complex (just like Ultra here) or the IT Center in front of Waterfront Hotel in lahug..

    may track! goodie! speaking of tracks … when are we going to see you at Ultra? 😉

  5. I’d really love to join the speed training but I just have to finish some commitments, for one, I took a leave from my MBA studies this sem, then my ME community which we’re heading till Sept kaya yun di makasipot sa Ultra..

  6. Barbs – I will as well be in Cebu 11-13 Feb should you still be there then maybe I could join you on one run rgds/Amado

    im there 23-27 feb. sayang! your easy walk pace pa naman is same as my easy run pace hehehe. btw glad to see that you have recovered na.

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