Happy Run pag may ka-pace

Getting to the starting line last Sunday was difficult for me. I just had a couple of problematic runs – I had to shorten my Wednesday run because my legs refused to move and then they finally went on strike during my Friday tempo run and cramped up.


Saturday was spent resting, carbo loading and running the race in my head. I know this route by heart; I have had love/hate relationship with it ever since Coach Ige opened it up for races during the first Mizuno race. I imagined very uphill and downhill hoping against hope that this will be sufficient preparation. After a few last minute computations, I had goal race pace – 6:10min/km.


I started the race with my T2 friends but we got separated as we eventually settled into our respective paces. Even with T2, I’m a midpack runner. At races, we normally have Harry, Dingdong, Chay, Smokey and Mesh leading the pack. I will be behind them but very very far away with Vicky, Kathy, Beni, Vince and Kristine following me closely. My ka-pace runtintin is somewhere in Cebu. *miss you! see you in a few weeks*


After hitting the 2km mark, BroJ saw me and asked my target pace. The moment I told him my pace range, I knew that I had to commit to it. Pride! After a few more minutes, we were joined by Allan. We ran Takbo Bayani together until I lost steam along JP Rizal. I was expecting another ka-pace, Henry, to turn up along the route but I later found out that he downgraded to 3K due to an injury.


Running with them last Sunday made the race easier for me. We alternated in pushing and maintaining the pace. I find that following the rhythm of another runner makes racing easier. Very little chika time last Sunday, pride dictated that I stick to the goal pace. Chika was out of the question.


BroJ, Allan and I ran together until MKH. I would only veer off a bit during the uphills. I have developed a fancy for charging the hills … my mantra, let’s not prolong this! At MKH, practice paid off for me but I ended up running alone after the turnaround. Alone…I was feeling lost and wondering if I still have enough energy the charge up back to Lawton. Luckily, I saw sirRoding of Fort Striders. He was doing his long run. I pleaded with him to run the remaining kms with me. He gamely fell in pace with me. We ran up MKH together. Suffering is really best shared with friends.


I crossed the finish line with a time of 1:31:27. Yey!


To my PaceMates, thanks! Sa Feb22 ulit!


To TeamSuper, congratulations and salamat! It was truly a Happy Run!



15 thoughts on “Happy Run pag may ka-pace

  1. That was a brave run specially since your legs were probably tired from the last few days of training! Keep it up and you will be running with the first pack of T2!

  2. thanks lonerunner. matagal na walang Tergat cartoon. *request request*

    pc – hay! ang tagal matapos ng 2weeks. im really hoping that i will get used to the higher mileage na. *patience*

  3. nice run, bards. dapat pala si coach salazar ang ka-pace mo sa next race mo & i m sure you will finish the race with your best PR. see you soon!

    oh. *light bulb moment* but probably not yet ready to run at his pace. darating din ako dyan BR.

  4. Great seeing you at the happy run, congrats for your good race. More power.

    ey vener. great seeing you and christy also. si christy wagi, ikaw pacer kaya bilis bilis!

  5. Ang galing galing mo naman coach bards! Idol kita, kahit san ka magpunta ay may nahahanap kang boyfriend/manong/pacer hahaha

    talent! but more like im slow enough kaya lahat nasasabayan ako.

  6. I remember reading an article about the “Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner”. But you are never lonely even in your long runs. Meron ka palaging kasama!

    Galing mo!!!

    luv the hat and tiara nyo ni Tiffin! Plus, kahit talagang mag-isa ako … parang hindi rin, remember i have an imaginary community in my head. di lang imaginary friend. *certified loony*

  7. Congrats ka-pace! Ang lakas mo, more praktis pa ko sa hills, hehehe. Keep on running, see you in training!

    see you at Ultra! and just keep attacking your neighborhood hills, paglunch break. hehe

  8. galing galing!

    next time puede na akong magapply na pacer! =)

    tama! pag race day, tapos feel mo lang recovery run pace, ikaw pacer ko. sakto! sigurado PR yun.

  9. Hay nakow Bards… I’ve already blocked off the week when you guys will be here….yahooo!! Eating time! About running, well eto lang masasabi ko, better get your rabies shot and ROAD ID ready…..

    oh no! hay will make friends with the treadmill again. cebu invasion na!!!

  10. Hey Bards HB ha and congrats on your PR, you really attacked the hills of MKH ha,,

    ey chito, tanx. sama ka bukas.

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