PSE Bull Run 2009 Results

Just in case you are still interested to find out your finish time at the PSE Bull Run 2009 … might not be very accurate. *sigh* 

Click here.

But we had a truly Happy Run today! Thanks Team Super! My running universe is once again balanced.


4 thoughts on “PSE Bull Run 2009 Results

  1. Yes, it was indeed a Happy Run except for a minor miscue – the failure of the marshals to sustain what they started. In terms of safety, the slower runners had to compete with motor vehicles as the marshals allowed vehicles in the lanes reserved for runners.

    Overall it was a great race. Congratulations and hope to meet you in the future races.

    oh no not again! hope to meet you too, sir Ipe.

  2. this means that you were able to have new PR again on your 15K run! congrats! and keep on running faster!

    it was! *dance of joy*

  3. Hmm, what time did the PSE run start last week? I swear I started with Doc Tommy Tan and Bert Camangonan at the TNF trail run in Nasugbu on the same day, but maybe they finished early enough, in time to catch the Taguig race ha ha.

    It can’t be all that bad though, the official results also say one of my friends went a jaw-dropping 22mins (!) inside his 10K result in early December to land in the top 100. If that is correct he owes me dinner.

    6:06 sa watch ko. Lakas ni Doc Tommy kanina. *idol*. sa PSE, the weather was great. ideal racing condition talaga. if you’re familiar with the route, you can pr kasi you can use all the downhills to your advantage. i just felt bad kasi i was so excited about the first race of the year. plus i got terrorised pa going up bayani by a motorcycle then a by tricycle. hehe.

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