BullRun: Just like Brian


PRE-RACE. I laid out my running kit before I slept last night. When I was getting ready, I made a last minute decision to go to BHS wearing sandals. I will be racing in my Newtons and it’s not comfortable to walk in them so off I went to BHS in my fire engine red sandals. When I arrived at our meeting place I prepared myself for the race and pulled out my shoes. Searched my bag for socks. Searched it again. Where are they?

No socks!!!!!!

Everybody was already on their way so I couldn’t ask them to bring extra socks for me. Good thing I had some BodyGlide. I just covered my ankles and toes with BodyGlide and convinced myself that if Brian Sell can run a marathon without socks, this morning’s 10K will not be a problem.


RACE. We started at the back so I had to weave through runners until I reached the bunch who were running at my pace. I have yet to run a negative split race but I know that as long as I run at a consistent pace I can finish the race strong. My goal was to finish subhour but had no particular finish time in mind. 

Running sockless didn’t pose any problem. I was more concerned about maintaining form and pace specially on the uphills. I was worried about the big uphill after the C5 turnaround, I have practiced on that hill but race pace is an entirely different thing. Digging deep and taking it a step at a time I managed to run all the way to the top. At km8, I started getting a side stitch. I was ready for it this time and the tricks I’ve learned helped to banish them. 

When I passed the Phil Army, I knew that as long as I maintain my pace, I can cross the finish line with a subhour time.I was giddy happy and almost hopping to the end zone. Can you now imagine my heartbreak when I saw the queue at the finish line?

I saw a lot of friends and familiar faces. Cheering for friends has become a habit and it also gives me a great adrenaline boost. Oh, I finally saw Nora, Live in Action! I didn’t get to see her at the finish line though.  (May HappyRun pa naman.)

The race was poorly organised but this was a great run for me. I felt strong and confident during the race.

POST RACE: Checked my feet after the race, not a single blister in sight. Yahoo! A PR for me and the most of T2. Corned beef for breakfast with friends. Overall, i t was not such a bad way to start the day and a year of runs.


I think I  shaved about a minute from my previous 10K PR. It was not a very dramatic PR but it was great run for me. I was running the whole time and at a consistent pace. 

Last Friday’s 7.5K race pace run at the TmBR speed training really helped prepare me for the race. After Friday’s workout (kahit na 1 million times ako na lap ng lahat classmates *sigh*), I was confident that I can sustain my goal pace.

At the speed training, I realise now that they don’t just train your body to run faster. You are also given ample time to fix your mental game. With each workout, you learn to be confident with what your body can do, its limits and how far and hard you can push. Empowering!


14 thoughts on “BullRun: Just like Brian

  1. Good run and PR Bards, the trick must be the sockless run? Haha

    no its the choco mucho. if i start gaining weight, i only have one thing to blame 😛

  2. Congratulations Bards! No matter what the results will say (if ever we get to see the results), you’ll know it was a PR and all your hard work paid off.

    agree! congrats on your PR too. ohwee!

  3. Congrats on the PR! It’s not the shoes talaga…it’s the socks pala!

    Tanx, its was truly a SeniorMoment.

  4. Congrats on your PR! You’re getting better and better, nice start for the new year. hope this continues for the rest of 2009 and beyond.

    thanks. and i hope road races in manila continue to improve also.

  5. bards, congrats on your PR! wala pang socks yan ha?! 😀
    it was nice meeting you and my thanx to broJ for introducing us.
    btw, kaya ko pala alam na 50pesos lang ang 1 box of choco mucho kasi yan ang favorite baon ng kids ko. hehe!

    Ey Mae, it was great to meet you too. oh and thanks for the tip, i got one box na pero Php55. see ya around theFort!

  6. So Bards, now that you already discovered the positive effect of running sockless, will you still be wearing them in your runs? (just a thought haha . . . )

    Not again!!!! i was so scared i’d get blisters and not be able to run. see you sunday! 😛

  7. Bards,
    The trail in nasugbu last sunday was perfect. No more wet…wet…wet or mud 🙂 It just so perfect.

    hmm, new PR… congratulation!

    Jerry!!! Welcome back and what a comeback at TNF. Big hiphiphurrah to you!

  8. speed, endurance, confidence & body adaptation are the things you are learning from your “speed” training. good luck and more PRs to come.

  9. “not a very dramatic PR”. That is an understatement!!!! A PR is always dramatic even if it is only one second faster. Heck you have run faster than you ever did before.


    hehe shows how impatient i am sometimes with myself. syempre my secret wish parati to reach that goal time. Now Na! but you are right gotta celebrate even the little triumphs. *drama*

  10. Hi! If you’re interested to buy Bodyglide, check out our site. We also have workout wear for plus-sized athletes :o)

    coolness!!! will keep you guys in mind when i need more body glide. Yipee!!! Body Glide in Manila!

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