say hello to my new friends


GIGA NO PAIN. I was walking around Tiendesitas last Sunday when I saw a store that had a big sign that says, “GIGA NO PAIN”. No pain?!? Really now.

I went in and browsed around. The store looked like your typical spa novelty shop with soaps, and essential oils etc. I asked the sales lady if I could try the GIGA No Pain balm. I tried it on my calves and it felt better than my trusty ole Omega Pain Killer. For starters, it had a pleasant  peppermint scent. It was also more soothing and the heat penetrates deeper into the muscle. The sales lady added that it’s all natural and didn’t have methyl salicylate. [Wikipedia:  methyl salicylate that is the active analgesic ingredient in some heat-rub products can be toxic if they are used in excess.] It’s a little pricey compared to Omega. The 12gm container I got is Php85.   

Been using it for 4 days now and I’m loving it. I’m going back to get the bigger jar.

CHOCO MUCHO. When I started running, I usually take GU during my long runs. After a few long runs last month, I find that I prefer having something more chewy. During my last 2 long runs, I replaced GU with the oh-so-sinful Choco Mucho. It’s a wafer roll with cereal crispies and caramel covered with milk chocolate.

Yummy and chewy! And cheap, its only Php7 at 7-11.


11 thoughts on “say hello to my new friends

  1. Bards, where do you buy your GU/Powergel? Shops have run out of them and I have a cross-country half-marathon in less than 45 hours. I hate bars since I can’t multi-task chew and run at the same time 🙂

  2. bards, nice “tips”. why don’t you bring some Giga No Pain to the hardcores during our speed training? i’ll buy one and try it for my ultra practice runs. P 100 each, pwede na..

  3. marga – may white chocolate version. ohwee!!!

    dindo – eat and run na lang motto natin muna

    jinoe – hehe runaholics na chocoholics pa

    cecil – my stash is from my kuya sa US. cheaper kasi. but i used to buy sa bikeking at BHS or try din sa bike shop along pasong tamo ext parang sa side ng waltermart. Dati sa ROX they have PowerGel naman. Goodluck sa race!!!

    BR – libre kita BR. will bring it on tue. pati choco mucho 😛

  4. i like the choco mucho too, bards. its light and keeps the pangs of hunger at bay. the giga no pain, dba iskandalosa ang amoy like the opk?

  5. Hi Bards sarap niyan! Btw re the GU gels, there’s two bike shops near our office here in P.Tamo, the first one at Bike Shop beside the Coca Cola warehouse and another one at Sabak beside Ziebart and Cafe Breton, it’s near Mantrade and Mazda, it’s cheaper if you buy by the box of 24’s yata

  6. hi there! GIGA, NO PAIN sounds quite interesting. i’ve just begun to train for running and make sore muscles an excuse to skip a session or two (or at least haggle for an easier workout). looks like you swear by it. so, i will drop by tiendesitas today to get myself some. here’s to running longer distances ahead! 🙂

    ey lisa! ohwee another running convert, welcome to this wonderful addiction

    hehe. haggling and negotiating distance and speed with your legs will become a favorite past time for you, im sure. since you are new, its kinder to give those legs a good rest and pampering every now then. hope giga works as well with you. see you at the races or on the road!

  7. I’ve tried that GIGA NO pain! When I bought mine before, may free massage pa ako from the sales lady… hehe.

    Try putting it also on your temples and nape. It also works as a de-stressor.

    Another thing you should try from that store is their massage oil 🙂 They also have “seaweed slimming” something massage oil… I doubt the slimming thing works (wala pa nangyayari eh, hahaha!) but it smells good and its also rejuvinating 🙂

    there was a lola at the shop when I went last Saturday who was saying na effective daw talaga that seaweed slimming … i just cant imagine how. sige tell me if it works hehe

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