2008 Review and 2009 Running Goals

It’s that time of year …

But before I start setting my 2009 goals, let’s review 2008. Here are goals  I set last year:

Run faster: Check.   My goal was to run a bit faster than my  6:30 pace and I’ve managed to do that in a few races. Highlight was running a sub1hr 10K.

Stay Injury-free: Check. I’m very thankful that I didn’t get sidelined this year with injury. I took a few spills and had a fair share of scraped knees and hands but nothing serious. *dance of joy* Cross training with weights and BodyBalance worked!

Complete a Full Marathon: Check.  Complete is the operative word. I didn’t set a time goal so we can put a check mark on this one also.

Have Runner’s Abs: Haha! I had a dream …


I’m pleased to report that minus the runner’s abs that I’m still dreaming about, I managed to accomplish all of my 2008 goals with a few bonuses. I closed the year with a podium finish *yippee*! I’m also very grateful for the friendships I formed on the run, in the net and over post run/race breakfast. 


So what’s the plan for 2009 Batman?

1. Stay injury free. Will continue to cross train, watch my running form and avoid nasty potholes.

2. Increase weekly mileage to 80 and up. Ambitious! I plan to do this one by the book. 10% increase per week with cutbacks on the 4th week. I’m not yet physically and mentally ready to run for 7 days and but let’s see…

3.   A Full or 2, A Half or 2, 5s, 10s and a few others in between. Different distance, different challenges and appeal. Although, I prefer 15-20s, I plan to try the other distances this year to keep things interesting and fresh. With races scheduled almost every weekend, I will try not to go race crazy, I plan to choose my races carefully also para sulit.

4.   Set new PRs.  I wrote my finish time goals in a piece of paper and prayed over it. Haha. Secret na lang muna. With consistent speed training, I hope to meet my goal finish times.

5.   Stronger core.  A friend said that only 10% of the population develop six pack abs. He said it had something to do with the thickness of the skin. So, for this year, I will just work on a stronger core not for vanity but to improve my running form.  If a six-pack pops out … wagi!

So what are your 2009 running goals?  


5 thoughts on “2008 Review and 2009 Running Goals

  1. lester – haha goodluck sa atin.

    cecil – i know. im trying to draw up a program and im going cross eyed na. try and try …

    broJ – maraming taho sa UP kaso its soooo far. great running in to you guys.

    BR – 2010 😛

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