Ending 2009 with a Run

30 Dec 10ish pm, Text back to Mesh: If I can, you will see me.

31Dec 630isham, Answered call: *mumble mumble*. *forwards Dingdong’s number*. zZzZz

31Dec 720isham, FB. Dingdong running.Chuchay running. Mesh and Tin running. *look sa sky* Uy, overcast. Rubber shoes! *clap clap*

31Dec 910isham. Finished 10K.

Btw, please excuse the uber colorful entry. I still have runner’s high. It was good run. Today’s overcast and cool weather was made to order for a long run. If you didn’t run today … *nye x5*. But not to worry, in just a few hours you have a fresh year ahead to fill with runs.

Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “Ending 2009 with a Run

  1. i did my run at 8:30AM and the weather was good. i am beginning to like the oval track at the Rizal High School at Pasig because I was alone. the campus gate is closed but you can simply knock on the gate and ask the security guards to use their oval track and they will let you enter and use the track..free of charge! happy new year!

  2. 🙂 the other kristine was there too plus vince and even smokey…
    we missed you at breakfast.
    it was indeed a good run to wrap up the year with.
    here’s to the universe conspiring on our behalf for a whole lot more of happy running next year!

  3. Hey Bards!!!

    The Mentos and Coke experiment went pfffft??? Why? I did it before and it worked…..dali let’s trade notes in tomorrows long run hehehe.

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