isang lingong takbuhan

I’ve been feeling lost lately. Torn between recovering and wanting to run. Too lazy to put together a training program. They say this is typical after running a marathon.

So, last Thursday I decided to consult one of the two wise men. After a brief exchange of text on my runs prior to SG, I had a direction. Coach Espejo of Team Baldrunner suggested that to improve, I have to run 5 times a week and increase my mileage at least 5km per week beginning at 40km. The mileage 40km per week is based on my total previous runs.

I read the text again , stared at the ceiling a bit, looked at my legs, stared some more, closed my eyes, … inhale, exhale, pictured my 2009 schedule and smiled. Ayayay! The things I would do for running.

Run 5x a week. Game!

Then last night after our workout at Ultra, I was chatting with fellow drill students and Coach Espejo and he mentioned that all our rest days should be active recovery. This is 30mins of running at 70% effort based on our personalised program. Wait wait! I just had to ask.

So Coach, when you told me to run 5x a week, the other 2 days active recovery pa rin? His quick answer was, “Yes.” He said that if it is raining outside, jogging in place for 30mins is enough.

Ulk! I stared, smiled, chatted with the rest of the team while trying not to let panic show in my eyes. The phrase, rest is always active recovery, was playing in a manic loop in my head.

I woke up this morning ready  and eager to do my 30mins rest recovery run.


17 thoughts on “isang lingong takbuhan

  1. i’ve always wondered but couldnt remember to ask the coaches is the active recovery should be done first thing in the morning or i an do it whatever time of the day…..hmmm

  2. hmmm…while you are at it can you ask if walking 5 hours around a mall on heels qualifies as endurance training? 🙂
    run 7x a week? the author haruki murakami runs 6x a week for at least an hour. he says you should stop just at that point where the exhilaration you feel can carry over to the next day… to keep on going you need to keep up the rhythm… but on the 7th day, he rests. just like Someone Else we know… haha!
    oh! it’s snowing in your blog! wheeee! 🙂


    *ds s ddcatd 2 ol runers op ol ages,shapes
    n szes

    *lyrics by: paul lennon
    *music by:imelda poppins(sing/hum to the tune of isang linggong pag-ibig while running)
    *inspired by the wisdom of the 2 wise running men

    lunes, ng ikaw ay magrecovery run.
    martes, ng ikaw ay mag hard run for 2 hours.
    miyerkules, ng ikaw ay mag easy run ng 8k.
    huwebes, ng ikaw ay muling mag hard run.
    friday,ng ikaw ay muling nag easy 8k.
    sabado,ng ikaw ay nagrecovery run muli.
    linggo,eto na at karera ka na

    ang walang puknat na pagtakbo.bow.

    kuya germs would be proud of you-walaaaaaang tigilan!

    ultra ang training na yan.let loose and set your rubbers and spirit free!


    paunmanhin po kay imelda poppins.salamat po sa inpirasyon ng iyong makabagbag-damdaming kanta na alay sa mga mananakbong pilipino.amen.


    the general says after effects of singing this tune is known to cause incurable addiction to running.

  4. am i the general you are referring to? if so, that’s true! based from the song, u’ll be running at least 80k per week. try to increase that to 100k per week and you will have your PR in marathon. bards, patience & consistency are the keys to proper training. good luck!

  5. mesh – in our world it is endurance training. everyone in my imaginary community voted yes. *singing* let it snow let it snow let is snow. it is … ang saya! i want to change to a darker background para kita.

    jonel – haha. PR na last week, now may new song pa.

    BR – 80. wow. *lets it snow let it snow let it snow* haha gone loco for a bit. 😛

  6. Hi Bards. I’m going to have that lull in the running after Sunday’s race. However, the two days off (Christmas and New Year’s) will be devoted for two runs of at least 16Ks. In past years, I would relax a bit.

    Take care and Happy Holidays!

  7. gene – i checked it out. thanks ha. hehe ive always wanted to have ripped back like Paquiao 😉 bwaharharhar

    wayne – merry christmas to you. have fun at your race later.

  8. killer sked indeed. i havent even started and my body has decided to go on forced holiday mode na. i hate fake flu!!! you get all the symptoms except high temp *sigh*

  9. Your zest for running is really inspiring…. Idol talaga! Hope I can do even an inch of what you are doing…more running to come. Merry CHRISTmas Bards!

    haha thanks Baby. i’m sure we will all be improving in the new year. all the best to your running family. and goodness, I really truly hope na we get to meet na next year. if not sa speed sessions, sa races. merry christmas!

  10. LR – its sooooo frustrating. you get all the symptoms of a flu i.e. headache, muscle ache, chills, extreme tiredness, dry cough, nausea, upset stomach … no colds thanks goodness. but worse of all, no fever. so you cant call in sick. not sure if its tergat material…but with your imagination hahaha

    2 docs have recommended loads of meds to take. all drugged up now. i think, my rubbers shoes are thumping around and wants to run. all i can do is stare.

    dear santa,
    i’ve been good, promise!
    for christmas, i want a long run.

  11. What a sked! A week full of running and jogging is real hardcore training. Just don’t push it too hard lest you run the risk of getting injured.

    Hope to meet you in the 2009 races. Cheers!

    Ey Sir Ipe thanks for the visit. oh, this sched … haha this is still a dream … will slowly work my way to this sched. hasn’t happened yet.

  12. Hi Bards,

    I’ve seen such schedules. I’m not too strict about recovery days though. When fellow runners come up to me and ask me about it, I usually say “whatever you like”. I always add, “of course, if you can do a slow short run that would be great!”.

    My work, life, and run schedules are busy enough as it is–you don’t really lose much if you choose true recovery or active recovery. That’s my take on it.

    Run fast and well in 2009!


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