Missing: One Pink Sock


i was supposed to go on a 530am run yesterday 


opened my sock drawer and pulled out a pink sock

rummaged a bit

couldn’t find its pair


one pink sock gone 


gone to sock heaven


if it was a Nike with left/right technology

i would know

if i was missing a left or a right sock 


i was very late for my run





8 thoughts on “Missing: One Pink Sock

  1. we start with one pink sock
    then we see where the story heads…
    now i’m wondering…
    did you free a house elf?
    or is there a prince on a quest
    looking for
    a missing pair?

    how exciting!


    korek! its a good thing the mornings are a bit cooler na. later na the hirit about the prince haha

  2. pink socks? i only use white socks on road races & gray socks for trail runs. better prepare your running kit before you sleep.

    BR, may floral socks din ako. but i wear them on my easy runs lang 😉

  3. jonel – oo bumoto pa nga ako sa Celebrity Duets 😛

    Dindo – churely!

    broJ – I know. When Mesh said that you left na, I asked agad if Swthrt was there. hahaha katawa naman

    Joe – ayan lacing up na. running na 😛 thanks!

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