the only thing left to do is run


P.S. Pls. send some good vibes to Pacquiao also.


18 thoughts on “the only thing left to do is run

  1. go! go! go!, bards! i hope you will be hearing the “voice” of coach salazar along the route of the race. don’t be “aroused” by the faster runners and the huge crowd… and remember to follow your race smart but finish hard! good luck & see you next week.

  2. Go Bards! Make the Pinoy proud! We pray that you’ll have a great day, safe run, and a wonderful time in Singapore.

    – Broj and Swthrt

  3. Keep going Bards!…don’t just run fast…fly low!!!
    (repeat after me:” you have to run in a straight line”…..”land on the ball- of your feet”…”be light on you landing”..”swing your arms”..”quick strides”)… :0

  4. Rx: In case of writer’s block try bullet entries, like you are making a grocery list. Then you can flesh them out later when the juices flow. It’s like knife on butter πŸ™‚ Good luck Bards!

  5. Good luck! Godspeed! Sisiw lang yan sayo, I know you can do it – you are the most OC runner I know when it comes to sticking to the training plan. πŸ™‚

  6. good luck! πŸ™‚
    when the going gets tough, remember us, your avid fans who support you all the way and who you continue to inspire! πŸ˜€

  7. jinoe – hay hightech dito. dami new experience. a definite must try. race pack collection na lang kakaiba … miles miles away from collecting pack sa isang lamesa sa ilalim ng building sa Greenhills hehe

    jonel – 42.195 only. can you make 43 only, just in case the route is much longer πŸ˜›

    vener and christy – channeling your endurance and speed on race day. πŸ˜› thanks!

    BR – coach salazar’s voice will really be playing in my head on this race. πŸ˜› thanks BR.

    Philip – thanks! and see you at Ultra. πŸ˜›

    BroJ – ang dami Pinoy sa race, saw quite a few already sa race pack collection. this makes this unfamiliar race a little bit like home.

    ilo … haha. dorky me actually wrote down those phrases and have been reading the whole day yesterday. salamat, see you at the track.

    cecil … hay thanks. as in one week, i couldnt blog.

    dindo – thanks. haha i know. sometimes im amazed at how i oc-oc this running has made me. trust the program is part of my mantra also.

    jerry – Idol, thanks!

    gene – thanks, when all else fails. i will just party at my pace. hop around and boogie.

    gen … πŸ˜› aw. thats very touching. thanks gen.

    joe … can i borrow your turbo jet πŸ˜› thanks. so are you doing a virtual run with us?

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