still running


Last Saturday, I wanted a little bit of change in my usual long run route. I usually run on the side of Lawton Ave with the pots of bougainvilla. To have a bit of variation, I decided to cross the street and run on the other side. The sidewalk was not as nice but I was quite thrilled to find a footpath a few feet off the sidewalk. Pay dirt!

My legs missed the soft Ultra track and I was lucky enough to run in the shade and on softer surface for a bit.

TheRuns. Resting today but I’ve completed 3 runs since the last post. Last Thursday I did my 8km tempo. I completed my 20km run last Saturday and I’m mighty pleased with my time. Yesterday, I worked out with TmBR. Running with a 2:37 marathoner was very enlightening.

RunningThoughts.I have to work on my arms and how I move with them when I run. I need to learn how to keep them relaxed and resist the temptation to flap them wildly on my sides which is really more fun.


15 thoughts on “still running

  1. Flapping your arms? You must be flying. 😀 Goodluck for the SG marathon. Fly!

    i will! like an eagle. seriously flapping arms helps in maintaining a stable core when running. now i just need to sell this idea hehe

  2. bards, nice to see you run on the oval track. you are really doing great. i know you can make it at singa marathon. run faster!

    thanks BR. training with your team is really a great experience for a newbie runner like me. i was asking elmer lotsa info and insights about marathon running yesterday (when i can manage to talk while doing the 400s) and i picked up a few tips and tricks.

  3. Hi bards. Yeah I needed a vacation after the real vacation. However, I’m charged up again.

    You’re tapering beautifully. Take care!
    thanks wayne. i just keep thinking that my body is healing from all the torture err… training runs. i just need to stay away from that extra serving of rice. time enough next week to carboload.

  4. One simple way to keep your posture in check is to consciously push the crown of your head upwards and look ahead towards the horizon. Doing this should correct your posture and you should find it easier to keep your pace because your muscles will be flowing freely.

    Go Bards, go Singa.

    ey thanks for the tip! im using this as one of my sound bites… look ahead towards the horizon. i will try this tip tom when i do my tempo. my problem daw kasi is i tilt my head back too much, hindi aerodynamic.

    Goodluck sa Milo!

  5. jerry – my legs were still dead from the tuesday workout. when im recovering from SG i will volunteer as watergirl on wed to chika with you guys.

  6. Hi bards, take it easy now baka iwanan mo na ko ng malayo dun

    haha chito. pag nakita mo ako na naglalakad na paki paalala na lang ako na This Is It! di na training run ito. goodluck sa ating lahat 😛

    Cue in SentiMusic: If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die, Dreams see us through to forever, Where clouds roll by

  7. Ey bards. I still remember the day we bumped into each other at the gym locker room two years ago when you bravely told me, “Tara Tina, full marathon, kaya natin yan”. It was unthinkable back then because we were just doing 10ks (or was it our 1st 10miler, i dont remember anymore). Anyhow, I know the preparation was an enjoyable journey and congrats for staying the course. Good luck in SG! Smile for the camera….not sure how the flapping arms would look though in those shots.

  8. Tina – i remember, hinahabol kita sa Yakult! Bilis mo kasi. ang senti music naman natin ay …”parang kailan lang, ang mga pangarap ko’y kay hirap abutin”. grabe, 16wks and the kms just flew by. And you are right, i truly enjoyed challenging myself to train for this one. Game on!

    Wayne – Thanks so much for being supportive. Denial stage is over … SG is 5 days away.

  9. All the best to you Bards, success and pride be yours on your first 42k. Although I couldn’t be there to greet you at the finish line, my thoughts and spirit will be. Enjoy the experience.

  10. jerry – thanks. i can only hope to be as tough as you on sunday. 😛

    vener – congrats again! thanks … we will need all the support on sunday.

  11. the time is almost at hand,can you feel it?

    try to remember what you learned on the road during your training not let all these go to waste.and if i may add, look to recover nicely.and hit the road again.

    everything will be all over even before you know it.and you will be asking for more.

    trust in can do it!

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