Free Speed Training: I Like!

I had to pass on the Nike running clinic. Sayang, it was free. When I checked out the Nike Running website, I saw that the program does not match my taper period program. I was so looking forward to get proper coaching on my running form.

Luckily enough Baldrunner posted that Team Baldrunner will be offering free speed training. I was hoping that this running clinic will match my program.


I arrived at Ultra and looked around to figure out where TeamBR had their set-up. I saw that the pax of the Nike running clinic have started arriving. After wandering up and down the track, I saw one of BR’s elite runners and asked where I should go. He pointed to the right and I recognized Capt Espejo.

When I looked around, I figured that ours will be a very small class. Actually, DocTommy and I were the only students. We were both wearing the Paa-Bilisan singlet so we looked like we were in uniform. Fun!

Captain Espejo gave us a bit of background of what we will be doing. For starters, we jogged around the oval to warm-up. Running on the track was heavenly. Compared to my 400m sidewalk at BHS, this was sooo soft.

After the warm-up we did running specific stretches and then on to the drills.

When I started running, I just laced up and started running. I had no idea about drills. I eventually figured out a few stuff about running from scouring Runner’s World and a lot of running articles. However, I have never been guided through running drills. This is something you can read and read about but is really hard to practice without seeing how it is done properly. 

Master Sgt Salazar made Doc Tommy and I do several repetitions of jumps, high knees, butt kicks, heel lifts and clawing. These exercises were designed to help us improve our form and running economy. 

Then it was time for our 30min run to measure of VO2 Max. Ayayay! MS Salazar ran with me and Doc Tommy was running with one of the elite runners. How was the run … picture this I couldn’t slack off too much because MS Salazar was running behind me. I was afraid he would bonk me on the head hehehe. It was very encouraging to have somebody running with me. When I slack off, he would refocus me with phrases like … Light on your feet, Follow my cadence, Push it, Even pace, Dont look at your watch. Oh no! I might have to ditch the Garmin during training … in exchange for developing an inner garmin. Fair trade.

We finished off with another round of stretching.

I was able to do 12 laps in 30mins. The coaches said that they will compute my training paces and give it to me next session. I just need to merge it with my taper program.

So how was the experience?

The elite runners showed us how it was done. Watching them run was amazing. I didn’t know that they actually ran in a straight line … every step is like a Ms Universe step just faster. I’m a visual person so seeing how it should be done helps me figure out how to adjust my form.

Being coached was something new for me. I’m so used to figuring things out myself so it was a good experience to have an expert answer my questions. If you do go to the clinic, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get feedback from the coaches. Some of the answers they gave were a bit straight from the book but they walk the talk or more like run the talk and can show you how it should be done and how to improve your running economy. 

It helped a lot that MS Salazar was running with me during my 30 min run. Not as cheerer but his sound bites to refocus me will be useful in my future runs. 

I’m not getting off my training program but I will definitely join next Tuesday! Hopefully they will be happy to incorporate my program to my traning plan.

BR, many thanks to you and your team!

I was able to say hi to Mark and Tiffin but missed saying hullo to the bloggers who were training in the Nike clinic. They were in the middle of their work out by the time we finished.

11 thoughts on “Free Speed Training: I Like!

  1. bards, i am glad you liked the speed training. Tm BR will conduct another one this afternoon and on friday, the same time! MS Salazar really pushed you to your limits and i am happy. i am sure you will becaome a faster runner soon. see you soon!

  2. Supergirl ka na talaga! My thighs are still sore from sunday yet here you are doing speed training with the elites. Di na kita maabutan next race.

  3. BR – this is another great project. thanks sir.

    Dindo – haha you raced kasi, last year after subic di nga ako makatakbo for 1 week. i have to give up running at race pace for the training. i just wish i can still push push push hard come DDay.

  4. A few more speed training sessions and you are ready to stand on the podium and do your Ms Universe pose and acceptance speech!!!

    Please be careful with your new found speed. In Singapore take it easy at the start and stick to your Marathon pace!!!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    har har har thanks mark … SG is something I aim to finish and enjoy. kahit ano naman finish time PR yung di ba. if i can do it in under 5hours then so much better. 😛

  5. Hi Bards, go go go, your enthusiasm gives me the much needed boost thinking bout D day. Btw are you still doing the 10k this sunday?

    no more race na. 20K long run on sunday and then next sunday last long run is 14km. kaya natin yang singapore na yan!

  6. Hi Bards, I intended to join BR’s speed session too, but my next full is in two weeks time. Rest, rest, rest is my tagline, I’m more on horizontals these days. Rest easy.

    ohyeah, its almost milo time. good luck to you guys. will try to find a good spot to watch this race. same route ba? i hope nga that the speed training clinics goes on until next year. dun pa rin lang ako makaka-focus on this one. december will be recovery time ko kasi.

    BR hope you keep this running clinic until next year, please.

  7. i hope i could see in ULTRA next Wednesday and we’ll learn drink while run again hahaha it was hard and messy 🙂 the water didn’t ended up in my mouth or nose but it turn to be skin hydration hahaha

  8. I second the motion, i do hope the TMBR running clinic runs for a long time…so i can train properly for a marathon and ensure I finish strong and fast :o) Tomorrow is interval training daw yikes! will just do my best and see you next week at Ultra i guess :o)

  9. Hi Bards. Good that you checked out Baldrunner’s Running Training. The coaches are very good and are at a level 4 (I believe) status with the IAAF.

    I’m also supportive of the Nike Running Clinic as well. Whatever works well for the individual is good.

    Thanks for everything while in the Philippines. I’m over the “day after depression” now and building towards 2009. Reality will do that to us.

    Take care and have a good weekend!

  10. Wayne – so didi you need a vacation after your vacation? it was good to meet you and hope to see you again when you visit next.

    you are right … we runners here in manila are very lucky to have not one but 2 running clinics to choose from depending on our goals.

  11. Hay, hindi tayo nagpansinan doon noh?! I think we were all too busy catching our breath. See you soon Bards. If not in Ultra then in Singapore! One more week to go… 🙂

    i saw you! pero dalawa kayo haha. i was so cross eyed tired. one more ultra. one more easy. then ThisIsIt!

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