odds and ends before NB08

Monday AM. This week’s runs were shuffled around a bit because I did my long run last Saturday. I started the week with my speed workout. 10x400m @ 5:36. I was planning to do this at Ultra last Sunday but got stuck to the bed. I was surprised to see a lot of runners early Monday morning. I thought regular BHS runners would be taking a day off after the well attended VSO. Congrats to Coach Rio and his team. I completed the the workout without drama.

Monday PM.  I joined the rest of the runner/bloggers for dinner with Wayne at Sentro. This was fun evening for me. Amusing to see how we look and dress in “real” life. And of course, it was great to finally meet Wayne. It was an evening filled with whatelse running stories. Hehe sa uulitin, dun ulit sa madaming masarap na dessert ha!

Jaymie, Dindo, Wayne, Doray, Gene, Eric, Bards and Jay.

Tuesday. No runs just BBalance, BJam and leg workout.

Wednesday. I spent the better part of the afternoon looking out my window and half wishing the rain would just fall and then wishing that the sky would clear up. At 430pm, it was so dark and I was getting worried. I packed the Newtons and if it rains, I couldn’t PlanB with a treadmill run. Luckily, after a bit of drizzle the sky cleared up. Before my run, I did my full stretch routine because my legs muscles felt so tight.

I just completed a 12K tempo with friends who will be running at NB. See Kathy, told you kaya mo! Kristine, great to see you run again. Your new NBs…I like! 😛

Thursday. More stretching. Sleep early.

Friday. More stretching. Massage. Start carbo loading. Sleep early.

Saturday. Travel to Clark and more carbo loading. Panizza!!! Try to sleep!

Sunday. 25K!!!

So, are you as excited as I’m about this race? NB was my first 10K race. The first major race I joined. I can still remember staying up a bit late to psych myself up for the race and then waking up early with kangaroos jumping around in my stomach.

When we were walking to the starting line, Mesh and I couldn’t believe that after weeks of training, we will finally run our first 10K. 

I met T2 girls – Beni, Kathy and Kristine — for the first time at NB. *cue in senti music* We have gone a long long way girls. From running that first 10K, we will now be with the 25K runners. Can you believe that?!? We miss you Tin, are you doing a virtual run on Sunday? 

This was also our first failed attempt to get a finish line picture. We told our “official photographer” to expect us to arrive at the finish line in 1:15. Good news was that we all ran faster than our predicted race pace. Bad news, our friend was on time and arrived after we have crossed the finish line.

Running the 25K will be another milestone for me. I am looking forward to experience all the excitement, craziness and adrenalin rush of NB 08.

Have a safe race, don’t forget to flash a smile at every camera pointed your way and savor each kilometer this Sunday!

See you in Clark …


17 thoughts on “odds and ends before NB08

  1. Hey bards, I also do balance, pump, combat and rpm. 🙂 I’ll definitely bring my camera on Sunday. Walang katapusang photo-op na naman ito…hehe

  2. Hi bards. i guess you’re all fired up for the race on weekend. I will miss the race but will run here in QC. I’ll just imagine i’m running with you guys, hehehe. Have an injury free run. God bless on your race!

  3. Partly sunny and humid (groan!), temp up to 30C but will feel more like 38C, no rain until the afternoon, maximum ultra-violet exposure 8 (very high), according to AccuWeather.

    I hope they start on time unlike the last one, that route is as open as the treeless summit of Mount Pulag at noon ha ha.

    PS. I liked the old interface better, more personalised. And the banana has disappeared 🙂

  4. ibet – love love balance. but im not coordinated enough for combat. cheerer na lang ako sa nov30 competition. i’ll be running +7km but hope to see you guys sa Clark.

    BR – massage is another reason why I love running hehehe i can get lots and rationalize na its to help me recover. 😛 if the legs are alive, will try to drop by on Tuesday.

    BroJ – Thanks BroJ. Im sure you and Swthrt will have a great run too.

    Cecil – 38?!? Sana madaming tubig. This theme … medyo matagal magload … but seeing red and green makes me smile and feel Chrismasy. Hanggang Christmas lang ito. . the banana will return on the header 😛

    DATC – Ay sana nga. See you sa clark!

    Vener – Thanks and see you Sunday!

  5. Bards, you can see I’m slow in catching up. Definitely a good week of training. Thanks for last Monday night. You guys had fun and was happy that I was a small part of it.

    I’ll see you this Sunday.

  6. I still say thanks Bananarunning for not letting me go during our 12k tempo…you made me believe in myself hahaha so now my evil plan is to bring newfangledhardtounderstandbutnowatleastiunderstandhowtousehightechwatch to the race hee hee hee if that fails again, i will stick to your side or dog your heels during the NB race to make sure I keep on pace :O) weeee! 2 tulog na lang!!!!

  7. Guess what! A run materialized in my email inbox….there’s a GK run here in Cebu! Distance wise it’s only 10k….but better that than nothing right? Wish I was there in Clark with you guys! Make me proud! =)

  8. jay – see ya!

    wayne – hope you enjoy the NB race as much as the VSO.

    keti – 2 tulog ayayay! sige good luck with the newfangledhardtounderstandbutnowatleastiunderstandhowtousehightechwatch with the wowitssobiggpspod.

    witchkitty – 25 is a long way talaga … plus i have to do a few more kms after the race because this is my last long run before i start taper.

    charles – see ya and goodluck!

    tin – woohoo!!! we will all be racing this weekend. si vicky and mesh din kaso mas sosyal silang dalawa. 😛

  9. hi bards. i ran in central park 2x already, 10 K (1 hour) last Monday and 29 K (3 hours) with a little twist today —– with my 405!

    i missed you this morning. this is my first looong training run without you. will try to do a 32 K on sunday, weather permitting. buti na lang uminit ngayon, 16 C.

    see you soon.

  10. woohoo for the central park runs and of course the new 405. im sobrang naiingit!!! take pictures, i bet it’s so lovely!

    see you soon!!! oh and carbo load before your 32K ha.

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