Running all out

I don’t think I’ve done an “all out run” since I started running. Even at races, I stick to a certain pace because I’m terrified that I would not finish the race or just stumble and never ever get up. And sometimes, when I do push my pace all I get for it is a bad case of side stitch or that nasty feeling that you need to throw up. The last time I ran all out was probably 15 years ago and I was chasing down someone.


Last night’s run was 3×1600. After completing 2 repeats on pace, I gave in to the temptation of running all out. I always always stick to my training pace but it was a beautiful night, made to order for running. The stars were out and there was even a little bit of cool breeze blowing. Pasko na! Plus I was feeling very restless … so try lang. I started at my speed workout pace, then kept leaning forward, head down and arms pumping at my side.I kept pushing until my lungs and legs were screaming. I glanced at the 405 and at one point it said I was at 4:40 pace … which I sustained for 20 meters haha. Mararamdaman mo talaga yung hangin sa labas. That was exhilirating!


This morning I reviewed the Manila Milo race results and saw that Aileen Tolentino, Manila leg women’s 1st placer was running at around that average pace for 42 kilometers. Wow!



15 thoughts on “Running all out

  1. Try a “fierce to the finish” sprint, say 200 or 100 metres from the tape. I always do it unless cramps take my legs out first. It feels great, plus you’d have nothing to lose but extra secs off your PR

    it was fun talaga so will definitely do it sa NB. Pwera faceplant lang sana.

  2. your doing great. pick up the pace and push yourself. you run for yourself and not for anybody else.
    The miracle is that you started !!!!

    true, i couldn’t begin to imagine na i’d get hooked sa running. now i’m ready to try running a little faster …

  3. burn some more rubber sister!!!!!!

    run till sole kingdom come!

    burning rubber indeed. i had to get new pair of trainers again. haha

  4. yes pasko na! malamig na ang simoy ng hangin. excited na ako coz i was in the US last year. boring xmas dun. kaya mo yang 4:40 pace! next time mga 100 meters na 4:40 pace naman..hehe

    mas makulay talaga our christmas. this will be a tough christmas for us but im sure we pinoys can still make it makulay and kumukutikutitap

  5. i like the idea of pushing the nitro button at the last kilometer… gets you that high knowing that you’re just a few (thousand… hehe) steps away from finishing and gives people at the finish line the impression that you’ve been running at top speed all race-long.

    of course, it pays greatly to know the route ‘coz last kotr eh tumirik ako about 300ms away from the line ‘coz sabi nung marshall sa essensa na 1k na lang, when in fact 2k pa pala. haha! 🙂

    somebody did the same thing to us sa TakboBayani. at Km16 may marshall na nagsabi na 1km na lang. good thing mesh drove the route with me so I knew that we were quite far pa from the finish line.

  6. After base training and endurance, speed naman. Now is the best time to do it. Good luck, Bards.

    my legs are a bit temperamental … sumpong-sumpong lang gusto tumakbo mabilis. they enjoy marinating at 7min/km pace hehe

  7. God bless on your training! Buti ka pa…. ako kahit takbong pagong di makatakbo for more than a week na because of flu, huhuhu. But i’m getting better na and soon on the road again. See you at VSO whether i’ll be running or not.

    ohno flu. sobrang nakakadrain yan. take time to rest up. if you do race, just treat it as long run. i wont be running VSO, cutback week kasi. sayang will miss all the action, but will be at NB naman.

  8. Hi BR nice background, I can really smell christmas is just around the corner and that means the day is near.. for our 42k

  9. wow! what a wonderful Christmas header! thanks for the info about mesh’s pics at the Inquirer. Didn’t see you at the VSO race. Andun ka ba? See you around! God bless!

  10. Chito … surely. see you sa finish line. if slightly dazed and confused ako, pakibatukan na lang. oh and it will be a slow 7kms for me 7:30ish if thats oki with you.

    BroJ – cutback week so I decided to stay away from VSO. maiingit ako. Mesh was wondering if you got her email. looks like hindi…opps.

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