Bananarunning 1st Year Anniversary

Today is the first year anniversary of this blog. It’s been a year since I clicked that link at the end of TBR‘s blog that brought me to the WordPress registration page.

It’s been a year since I wrote I’m an Exerciser, Soon to be a Warrior. Now, I can say, “I am a Warrior! Here me roar!”

Here are my favorite odds and ends about this blog:

  1. Favorite Entry: Phantom Runner 2068. Subic organisers were able to include me in the official results because of that entry. I trained for that race and I wanted to be counted. I also realised that I have to be responsible for what I write in this blog because the people visiting the blogs are not just friends reading my random ramblings. 
  2. Favorite Search Engine Terms That Brought People to This Blog: Dulce ako ang nagwagi. I bet that person had a big surprise when the link led to this site. But to be fair, I only had good things to say about Dulce. She belted out Ako ang Nagwagi at 6am…that is Talent!
  3. My Favorite Bloggers in my Blogroll (in random order): Baldrunner because he keeps on pushing the limits and he dares to dream big, Lonerunner because he is insanely funny, My Iron Shoes and her parallel universe is insane and witty and Loonyrunner he and his runs makes me feel sane.
  4. Top 3 Referrers to this Blog: The Bull Runner, Baldrunner and I would also like to take this opportunity to say … don’t you just love! Plus they made following blogs in the other blogsites so much easier for me. Thanks Jinoe!
  5. Top 3 Reasons Why I Like Blogging: I like it because this is how I process my runs and put it to rest. I love that it helped me meet lots of runner friends. I don’t have a running coach but this blog and your comments have been instrumental in helping me prepare for my first marathon.

So will I continue blogging…oh yes!

I will not go mushy  but I would like to thank everyone who visited, commented and lurked. I hope that at the very least my runs … baliw or not … made you smile. 

Maraming Salamat!


22 thoughts on “Bananarunning 1st Year Anniversary

  1. congrats & happy anniversary! you just gave me an “idea” to post also my one-year blog assessment. i actually started my blog few days before you created your own. thanks for being one of your “favs”…hehehe..i could see more posts and running experiences from you. who knows, you will write a book about running the marathon among Filipino women? it’s a dream but i know you can do it!

  2. Bards, congratulations on the one year anniversary. Continued success with the blogs and training. I’ll see you soon.

  3. congrats for one year of blogging! thanks for the special mention… already beginning to plan where to run today and tomorrow… hopefully, the roads will be empty 😀

  4. Thanks ha! baka kasi Insane ako. heheh Ur blog is an inspiration and source of good info sa mga runners. Happy anniversary! Wla bang blow-out ng turon? 🙂

  5. Congratulations and happy 1st anniversary on your b-day(blogging day)! More runs and write-ups to come. It was nice meeting in person the banana running. See you next race, God bless!

  6. Jay – To run further is definitely part of PlanA. Sayang lang di ako abot ng 102

    BR – Looking forward to read you 1year round-up. 😛

    Wayne – See you really soon!

    Joe – Haha if you went straight sa highway during your run last weekend, palagay mo sisingilin ka ng toll?

    JunC – If one person starts running because of this blog … that is already a great bonus for me.

    Mayi – nuts and bananas … a fine way to describe runners hehe.

    Rene V – happy to share my baliw runs anytime

    Lonerunner – Here have some turon with langka! @ @ @

    Vener – More more more talaga rin wish ko. I wish to be running until I’m a lola, hehe mga up to 80 siguro. By that time baka sakali sa age group manalo na ako

    Wilbert – running and blogging is really linked na for me. Pag long run at nauubusan na ako ng maisip at mapagmuni-munian I just think of what I will blog about 😛

    BroJ – October has been filled with lotsa milestones for me. So exciting!

    Cha – hmmm dapat yata … Run CHA Run. 😛

  7. brad, you make me feel young.and relatively brand-new with my low mileage.

    wow, 1000 kilometers and running.and now 365 days and getting older gorgeously.


  8. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary. Your blog was one for the first I have discovered and got me to start running again this year. Continue running. Continue blogging. 😀

  9. jonel – ngek, low mileage … 100kms a week yata kayo nina Loony. haha

    jinoe – Thats good to hear…train lang ng train hanggang umabot tayo ng pangUltra na

    chito – uy welcome back. konting tulog na lang SG na.

  10. Bards, congratulations! Your blog is an inspiration to many runners, including me. The blog is also a good way to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come. Reading other blogs also makes me realize how much more I can accomplish.

    thanks and you are right, reading other blogs keep me motivated talaga.

  11. Hey congrats and great blogging! yours was one of the first blog I stumbled on and have been lurker since hehe 🙂
    thanks Gene, nagpapractice ka na sa MKH? hehe

  12. Happy anniversary to you and Banana Running! May you continue to inspire more people with your fearlessness and determination. Looking forward to reading all about the next decades of your running career 🙂

    thanks tbr…magdilang anghel ka sana about my decades and decades of running.

  13. congrats on your running anniv bards… galing, you’ve done more running in a year than i have in the past decade. cheers! 🙂

    thanks. more runs for all of us and no to injury para we can all run longer.

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