OctobeRUN: RunRaceRun

Run1: Race to the Starting Line

12km 1:29:12           

It was a race to the starting line for me this morning. I was aiming to complete 32kms today so I decided to log in a few kms before the race to avoid the harsh sun. I was somewhere in Lawton Ave at 5:30am and was rushing back to BHS. I got there in time to hand Vicky her race bib.

I headed to the starting line with Vicky, Mesh, Gene and Dingdong. I really thought that I timed to end my run so that I will have very little break between run segments. Unfortunately, the race didn’t start on time. This turned out well for DocJoe who also raced to the starting line. Jay was a surprise at the starting line also. I thought the only thing running was his nose.

RACE: A run organized by runners … TheBest!

10km 1:04:33

I usually stay in the middle of the pack at races but today I opted to stay at the back because I knew I wasn’t going to run at race pace and that I have another 10kms to go after the race.

I was just at Lawton so I knew that there were lots of water stations. Getting cold water at the stations was a welcome bonus. The route was familiar so I made up time by riding the downhills.

Running earlier started to take its toll after the 5km turnaround. Luckily, Vicky caught up with me and we ran together. I also kept my eye on a few runners to maintain my position. I kept an eye on the couple ahead of me and on the kid runner beside me. I figure as long as I keep pace with them I should be okay. T2 friends Kathy and Chuchay were out on their long run along Bayani and we saw them pass us by. Henry, another runner, started pacing with us along Bayani. He was running consistently so I shifted to robotrun and followed his pace.

Back at Lawton, the race volunteers at the water station were offering to pour water over us. When asked I said yes and somebody dumped a liter of cold cold water over me. Hahaha (wet look … that is why I was hiding behind my 1000km finisher shirt.)

At the finish line I saw BroJ. He ran 5K with his family and was probably taking finish line photos so I smiled and waved.

After getting my race goodies, I went to Bald Runner’s booth to get my 1000km Finisher’s Shirt. I saw his challenge in March and created a separate page to log my runs. I thought it would take me 10months to complete it. Crazy weekends and marathon training bumped it up to 8months. Thanks Sir Jovie for the extra reward. Now on to the next 1000kms…

Runners organized this race and it was great. I’m so glad I decided to join this one. Congratulations to The Fort Striders!

Run2: Race to Buffet Breakfast

10km 1:28:32

How do you run 10 more after running 22? Target to buy a snack 5kms away. I also promised myself a buffet breakfast.

Knowing that Mesh, Dingdong and Gene will be running at a much faster pace, I decided to rest a little longer and pace with Vicky.

The last 10k was slow and peppered with side stitches. I was running for buffet breakfast so I just kept on putting one foot in front of the other.

Luckily, it was also very cool. I was back at BHS soon enough and we all headed to Paul Calvin’s Deli for breakfast. They have taho and an omelet bar in their buffet. Yum!

This morning’s run was fun and challenging. It was not a straight 32km run but I’m pleased with my pace.


18 thoughts on “OctobeRUN: RunRaceRun

  1. I was going crazy after not running for a week! It was good to see you and the gang. It’s been a while since we last saw each other but I must say you have transformed! Must be all those 32K’s!

    haha now if i can only go faster … life would be so sweet.

  2. Congratulations Bards! Thats 4hrs running. Wow!! Had a set of long run too with TBR and PC today. Have a nice rest day!

    thanks JunC! 4 hours running and lots rest but still lots of fun. even the side stitch is entertaining now specially when you get it on the right and then the left side. tapos sabay. im sure you, TBR and PC had a great run too. sarap ng weather yesterday.

  3. I admire your discipline, determination and perseverance, bards! Its so sad I missed the OctobeRUN because of my sick daughter.

    Hope to see you in Nov. 9.

    ey nora. so sorry about your daughter, i hope Eia is doing better. hope to see you on nov9 too.

  4. galing. looks like ready ka na for singapore. ako, i might do a long run next week in preparation for NB since wala namang races.

    iniisip ko medyo scary maglong run this weekend hehehe

  5. congrats, bards! go!go!go for your 2,000-Km goal..another t-shirt, in different color, will be waiting for you. good luck & keep on running!

    thanks BR. 985 to go haha

  6. Grabe looks like you really trimmed down for singapore. Congratulations on another 32km run. Mukang sisiw sayo ang Dec. 8!

    you know what’s great about Sunday 20kms++ runs … you shrink! but after hydrating your back to normal by tuesday.

  7. my golly, jolly banana is 1000 kms old and running. and a very trim banana if i may say.eat singa 42 for breakfast.

    hehe thats new 1000km old. trying not to freak out about SG so i think i will focus my energy now on planning post marathon brunch. 😛

  8. Hi Bards. Asteeg! Congratulations on the milestone. Also, the training is going well indeed. I’ll see you soon!

    thanks wayne. the coolest thing about hitting 1000km was that I had fun in every km. some were painful and heartbreaking but looking back i wouldnt have changed a single run.

  9. Hi Bards, Congrats on your 1,000K run. Got your finish line photo and some of the bloggers too. Ill post it ASAP. May tinatapos land ako work. Our family enjoyed the run too! God bless!

    great to hear that you and your family had fun at the race yesterday. thanks for taking photos at the end.

  10. nice seeing you during yesterday’s run. nasama pa ako dun sa starting pic hehehe actually, you’re all getting thinner! 😀

    haha funny nga when you popped sa frame when i was taking the pix. great seeing you again. we are all getting thinner, you mean. haha 😛

  11. hey galeeeng! for sure BR’s 1000km shirt is too big for you. BR should give you an XS shirt for the next 1000km.

    goodluck sa SG! takbo lang ng takbo na parang may multo sa likod mo ( or a big gorilla chasing for a running banana)

    haha tanx r2dm.

  12. 1,000Km! Ang galing mo Bards! para ka na rin sumali ng 23 Full Marathons.

    You guys really inspire me to try a little harder. I think I do better when I’m with you ladies- nakalalaki kasi kayo ni Mesh, kaso wala naman akong magawa sa ngayon, ibang -level nyo na.

    I know you’ll good in your marathon. I hope to see you again in our up coming races.

    aysus! we will all reach 1000kms eventually, nauna lang ako magbilang hehe.

    at di mo naman kami nihintay last Sunday. we enjoyed the buffet. may freebie malunggay cake pa from your bro.

    nakalalaki? hahaha definitely not on our running agenda. keep on running … longer and faster!

  13. Bawi na lang ako….you and Mesh really looked great in the pics last Sunday, lean, mean and hungry….to gobble up a marathon. Seriously, you both look really prepared for December 8 na.

    we are always hungry 😛 and dec7 yung marathon sabay ni pacquiao. sana they show it din sa SG.

  14. Ang dami mo nang puhunan Bards, lets get it on. I just compiled 900+ km before my first full, ikaw sobra sobra pa, naka “energizer” ka ba? You just keep going and going and going and going ….

    hehe thanks Vener. now i just need to put in a little bit of speed. pahingi naman ng konti from you … saw your ur Pagudpud pix, looked fun!

  15. Hi BR great sunday runs! I’m awed by your continous progress in just 1 year, hope to get your enthus in time for our Singapore run..Just got back & was able to log 12K lang in 10 days as it was 7C in Paris, di kaya kahit balot ng damit he he..

  16. Oh Paris! Saya nyo talaga ni dingdong, pero 7C … haha extreme opposite of what we will be facing in singapore. be sure to run your 20miler ha … its a whole new world talaga!

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