Paa-Bilisan: Race into the Sun

I wasn’t planning to join this race. I had a 26km long run programmed for this weekend. However, when I was browsing at, I saw that the registration was so near my office. Very hard to resist.

So I registered and revised my plan … run 6km before the race, join the 10K and complete another 10K loop after crossing the finish line. This is definitely better than running alone and watching everybody else racing.

I wasn’t able to do the 6km because I arrived a bit late at BHS. I knew that this meant that it would be very hot when I do my 16km. Oh well … at my current pace there is really no escaping the heat … might as well. 

Vicky and I decided to slow jog up and down BHS to warm-up. Vener saw us and said hi. Having time to do a warm-up was something new to us, we usually just have enough time to fix our gadgets before the race starts, so this was a pleasant change. 

The start was a bit chaotic. It took Vicky and I a while to find a race official so we could check in. We finally sorted it out and squeezed into the middle of the pack. 

This was a going to be part of my long run but the adrenalin rush got to me. At Lawton, I caught up with Linda and her friend George, they are regular runners at BHS. I decided to pace with them. It is more fun to just pace with another runner rather than pushing myself to stay at a constant pace.

The route was relatively flat so the elite runners very quickly ate up the distance. It’s really amazing to watch them outrun each other. Very intense! 

The 1st turn around was not ready for the rush of runners and we had a hard time getting our blue straws. I saw a lot of familiar faces at the turn around and I cheered for them. 

Heading towards 32nd was fun because the marching band was there playing for the runners. We also managed to overtake Zorro here hehe. A few Storm Troopers joined the 3K race. They were probably dying in that costume. (Happy to report that I saw the Storm Troopers on my way to the finish line, still alive and walking.)

The hardest part of the route was 32nd St. because you are running with the sun in your eyes and no shade at all. 

BroJ saw me near Serendra and we had a bit of a chat before I started running after George who seem to have increased our pace. He said he was still recovering and taking it easy but he was going way below 6:oo so after hanging on for a few meters I said bye-bye and ran the last loop alone.

My unofficial time is 1:04. Garmin registered the distance at 10.02K, wow galing ng distance!

After crossing the finish line, I downed my freebie Pocari Sweat and walked a bit. When Vicky finished her 10K, we headed out again to continue our long run. She only had to complete 4 more while I still had 16 to go. It was getting hotter so we decided to stick to the route with a bit of shade.

We ran at a much slower pace and eventually separated at MKH. I stopped at Bayani Road to refill my fuel belt and found a stall that sells bananas for 5pesos. Yey!

Racing and continuing with my long run turned out to be a good strategy.  I still walked a few segments of the 16K but I felt I finished strong. Only downside was that it was so hot and most of my sunblock was gone so I was really toasted before when I finished my run.

7 more weeks to go before SG, oh no! I will need more than CY Gabriel Wonder (na sabi ni Kuya Germs ay Ang Sabon ng mga Artista hehe) and Likas Papaya Soap to recover. 😛


15 thoughts on “Paa-Bilisan: Race into the Sun

  1. wow! didn’t see you at the race… pero ang intense mo! running that far inspite of the sun and heat… puwede ng mag ultra! go ultra! 😀 congratulations!

    I saw you sa start but we were busy looking for the check in dude kaya i wasn’t able to say hi. Intense … haha. I think I will call it my LoonyRun … race and then long run. Idol!

  2. galing mo ha! hindi ko na kaya yung init so i decided not to run anymore after the race. probably next week sa OctobeRun i might do extra kms.

    wilbert …malakas lang talaga topak ko. The Pocari sweat and Gu before I started the long run helped a lot. Seriously considering doing a repeat this weekend. I saw a few runners doing extra kms also yesterday including si Jonel aka bugobugo

  3. Hi bards, it was nice meeting you! Thanks for cheering on when i saw you at the turn around point on my second lap. grabe energy mo! sobra na ang init nakatakbo ka pa after the race. God bless on your training! Hope to see you again in future races.

    good to meet you, too BroJ. Hope to meet your Swthrt also in the future races. I love being cheered by fellow runners so I try and return the favor whenever I can. 😛

  4. Congrats Bards. I‘ve been doing that Pre-Race-Post run too for the past four 10k races and it helped me improve my pace and endurance. Just make sure that your waiting time from Pre to Race is not too long para hindi naman maging cooldown mo na 🙂 Just have enough time for water refill and stretching. Saka enjoy diba, especially when you run with your friends. See you…

    I didnt think I could do it … but it was something I was willing to try. I’m actually surprised that I pulled it off and finished strong. Compared my splits and it was better than the other runs pa hehehe. Now, if I can only have a bit of your speed. hehehe

  5. Bards – 5K lang kami at nainitan na kami. Bilib kami sa iyo. Tumakbo ka pa after the 10k.

    Go Go Go!!!!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    ay sus! you guys did back to back races. haha adik! Mainit talaga yesterday but may cool breeze naman if you find enough shade.

  6. ^Mark, you raced again?? It seems that 1 race per weekend is not enough for a lot of people. I know Loony also raced both Saturday and Sunday, aside from long runs pre- and post-race.

    I hope organizers come up with more half marathons for 2009!

    Storm troopers? Astig! I missed those, sayang.

    astig talaga … that they survived the 3k and did not pass out. Sayang I didnt have camera with me nga eh. Wish ko rin more halfs next year.

  7. bards, galing mo pa rin!

    when i passed by the storm troopers on rizal drive i thought “ang init siguro sa loob ng costume nila”. natapos naman nila yung 3K but on the finish line i saw people carrying mini fans to keep them cool. pero astig pa rin sila. i have posted the picture with a storm trooper on my site. 🙂

    haha i didnt notice na may suot din sila na race bib, nice pic.

  8. Hi Bards, that was one hot morning run, and still you did a long run. That was great! Mabuti na lang may nakita kang saging along the way, he he. Grabe na pala ang init jan sa FB at this time of the year. Better take your long runs in UP diliman or better yet, sked it at dawn.

    Happy running, run safe.

    ey vener! basta food, I can spot them agad. Mainit talaga kasi patches lang yung trees not like the UP Acad oval. my prob with UP is I dont know a long route that’s at least a 10km loop tapos nahihilo naman ako when I just run loops.

  9. You elite runners are really something to admire and aspire for. I can’t imagine myself doing what you’re doing for now — although Ting and Ed did the same thing. Gotta get my endurance and mileage up to have a chance of catching you guys one day.

    I saw the Storm Troopers during my half-way point and caught them on camera at the finish line. I agree with ibetlacbay — they must been soaking wet after.

    Hope to catch you soon in one of the races!!

    haha Johnny, ako PilitRunner lang. I did see Ting near Serendra … pero from reading about her in your blog … she is MamaTing in my mind hindi ko naman sya matawag na MamaTing kasi baka batukan ako.

    Im sure with sipag at tiyaga plus a lot of kulit from your friends you will soon be running our distances. Thanks for the dropping by and keep on running!

  10. Hi Bards. Sometimes, I can’t help running a race each week. It’s how you use the race in your training. Congratulations and continue the good training. I’ll see you soon!

  11. hahaha though right now e I’m doing it in reverse, long run warm-up, then race. kaya minsan nauubusan ako… still, it’s teaching my body to try and move faster kahit pagod na 😀 hmmm… sometimes, I think you’re even crazier than some of us! hahaha 😀

  12. take sunburns as your medal for bravery. they are indelible marks of lunacy-konti na lang,mapupuno na natin ang mental.

  13. bards, i am going to award your 1,000-Km Finisher’s T-shirt this weekend at the 4th October Run this Sunday at The Fort. congrats!

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