Fierce to the Finish 2

I’m a failure at getting most of T2’s finish line pix. But I did get some … here are my favorites.


Friends … next race, I think we should leave this picture-picture biz to the professionals ha.


14 thoughts on “Fierce to the Finish 2

  1. Thanks for the paparazzi shots, for a moment you made me feel like a star 🙂

    Si Loony talagang bitin pa yan, may dala pa ngang weights yata sa backpack nya.

  2. bananarazzi slept on the wall and had a big fall,missed practically all except a few good ones.

    thanks for reminding us to finish late for proper lighting and to finish gordiyus olweys.

  3. bards, nice shot of the bald runner! what is important to be shown are my bald head and my new racing shoes! hoy, ako pa lang ang mayroon niyan dito, ano? hahaha!

  4. Those are great pics, Bards. Just keep on taking those shots. Next time, sabay tayo kumuha ng pics para feeling paparazzi hehehe.

  5. DATC – mukhang nagpractice ka the night before. perfect smile sa lahat ng paparazzi pix eh. Congrats, sobra akong inggit!

    MC – sent you the pix file hope you got it. congrats … ikaw nga pala ang pinakaFierce!

    Jonel – its okay not to run fast but its unforgivable to finish ugly hehe

    Runtintin – miss you too! but your mountain run, I like! Hope to run with you soon.

    BR – your new racing shoes … definitely hard to miss! I think I saw a matching tech shirt at Nike GB3. congrats on your strong finish!

    Loony – poised talaga ikaw Doc! pero ano nga ba ang laman ng hydration pack mo?

    x59 – thanks, i will stand beside you next time, your angle was way better. or maybe i can just point out my friends to you … i think they will like that better. hehehe they just fired me as photographer buti na lang they didnt terminate our friendship. 😛

  6. bakit ako wala??? waaaa…!!! hehehe joke only.

    naku! i will never ever live this down… hahaha! uy kumusta nga pala daw sabi ni Gail U. nakita nya yung pix natin sa finish line.

  7. well, there’s always another race… I also wish to get a good finishing picture at the finishing line accompany with a good time. Great pictures… post more! hehehe….

    despite your cramps at the borneo marathon, i must say that you still had a great smile in the end and showed very high spirits. Congratulations! on to the next marathon or are you also going Ultra?

  8. my pack: a change of clothes, shoes, and toiletries hehehe 😀

    haha doc ready for action, at may kikoy kit ka pa 😛

  9. hello there! nice pictures and captions! maybe i could do a paparazzi shots on my next race.

    last runnex i tried running with my camera, mahirap! kasi torn ka kung speed up or take pix. oki rin ang cross training mo ah volleyball … sabi na pwede rin talaga dapat ang hiphop na xtrain. thanks for dropping by and see you at the races makipaparazzi tayo with x59!

  10. Thanks for the note! Let’s see…downward dog, cat, childs pose and hero to warm up. Then….the main ones were monkey pose, something hamstring stretch…..and then…crane? I do NOT remember the last one, but you stand with one foot and both hands on the ground, and point the other leg towards the sky…or as far as you can go.

    It was from the show Namaste Yoga…if that helps. You might be able to download it! Thanks for stopping by!

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