My Kuya’s First Race

I think it all started with the t-shirt I gave him last Christmas. A bit of background first, I am really bad at guessing clothes sizes and so last Christmas the shirts I gave my brothers made them quite sumanesque. To cover up, I told them that I gave them goal shirts. It should fit them within the year…we all knew of course that it was just an excuse. My little excuse turned out to be a challenge to my Kuya Dick. After Christmas, he asked me for a copy of my couch to 5K program.

A couple of months ago, his wife called me and said he finally fit his goal shirt. He went down from 73kgs to 65.7kgs.

My Kuya followed the program and slowly and patiently build up to running for 30minutes straight. He said that he experienced a few knee pains and would slow down whenever it hits. He also changed his diet and started lifting weights.

He can run for 30mins. Aha time to level up!

Adidas KOTR was initially scheduled last September 7, my Kuya’s birthday. Perfect! A month before the race, I told him that my birthday gift to him would be a registration to his first race. I also promised to pace him. I eventually managed to convince him to join the race. The race was resched but it worked out fine because he missed a few runs in August and he wasn’t confident to race last September.  

The day before the race, a thought occurred to me and I hastily texted my brother. What’s your target pace? He said 8min/km. Relief!  I promised to pace him and I realized since we haven’t been out a run before, he could be uber fast and I wouldn’t be able to catch up with him. Kakahiya!

We arrived at BHS and pinned our race bibs and headed for the starting line. The starting line was buzzing with excitement and nervous energy. After checking in, we stood in the middle of the 5K pack.

The host was trying to get the runners hyped up but was having a hard time getting a response from the 10K runners. If I was up there also and thinking about running the Buendia flyover I would probably be silent too.

He had an easier job with the 5K runners. We were cheering as we wait for the gun and … we’re off!

Kuya’s plan was to run a steady pace and I said I would just run beside him. I also suggested that we target and run after runners in front of us. I think he took my suggestion to heart because after 500m we were running at 5:29. I thought about telling him our but he looked like he was enjoying it and so we ran after people. I think it’s a guy thing … you don’t like it when people overtake you. We finished Km2 in 5:18. At Km3 he started slowing down so I started my non-sense and useless chatter to distract him. When we were about to approach the gradual incline, I warned him to prepare for the uphill. We cleared Km3 in 6:11. Heading towards Market!Market! I noticed that he was losing his form so I started reminding him to lift his feet and keep his chest high and proud. I can feel that he was getting tired but he kept pushing and finished Km4 in 6:25. When we reached Serendra, I sprinted to the finish line so I could take his picture. Plus he deserved some peace and quite to experience the joy of finishing his first race.

He finished in 28something. Way under his 35-40 minutes target. I’m so proud of you Kuya. I’m also worried that a few months from now I won’t be able to catch up with you. Hehe

Next project: Kuya Mon

Here are some of the happy 5K people waiting for the race to start.

Oh btw, this is also my first official 5K race. It’s a great way to do speed workout but I still like the challenge of running the longer distances. 


9 thoughts on “My Kuya’s First Race

  1. Way to go Kuya! Congratulations! Great job, Coach Bards. I hope you recruit the entire family 🙂

    thanks TBR but I believe he thinks I’m TormentorBards. haha My next project will be a little tougher but Im not giving up.

  2. Congrat for a great race Bards, and for a great bonding time with your kuya! Congrats to your Kuya too! God bless!

    thanks BroJ. It was really fun to share this with my brother.

  3. Congrats Bards!! and to your kuya too.. you are an encouragement to others who wants to see their family members enjoy running too.

    thanks JunC. i just gave him the push and the program and then it was all him. but the 5K is a really good goal race if you want to get your family to start racing with you. not too long, not too intense.

  4. Congrats to you and Kuya! Dumadami na ang students ni Coach Bards. Pa-train naman for my first marathon 🙂

    haha not coach mas type ko ang TormentorBards

  5. Congrats Bards, now its official. Nice meeting you too. See you soon.

    Vener – run unltd.
    ey vener! nice meeting you too. dindo forgot to say you were run ultd. i find it so funny now na when we are introduced kasama na yung name ng blog natin. see ya!

  6. Hey, I ran my first 10K at the same event! The Boyfriend has been coaching me since August of this year. I guess I can relate with your kuya because I sometimes think Coach is out to torment me as well! But during the Saturday run, he stuck by me at my pace (he’s a more seasoned runner, obviously) until the finish line, even if I was already starting to get sungit with him (harhar!). Your kuya is lucky to have such a supportive sister. I myself am trying to get my baby bro out running in the streets. Good luck to us all!

    hi My, thanks for dropping by. Wow! Congrats on your 1st 10K! Lucky you, TheB is very supportive. That was very sweet of him to pace you til the end … and I’m sure he understood your sungit moment. So what’s next goal is a longer race or lower time and run faster than TheB?

  7. You ran 5k and we didn’t see each other????

    Your kuya is sooh lucky to have a supportive coach like you, bards. Congratulations for a job well done. Wow! 28 mins. for 5k? THAT is fast.

    Since I don’t have a brother/sister to run with me, my new recruit is my cousin who ran 29:27. But my greatest achievement is about to come. I have convinced my 63-yr old aunt to run 5k with me at the OctobeRun Festival!

    congrats again for winning your age group, i had feeling it was you when i heard the name norberta. my kuya and i were in the middle of the pack lang. the only familiar face i saw was a college school mate. tapos when were running na, i didnt have time to be chummy to the world because i was trying to keep up with my kuya. *di kasi nagwarm-up*

    wow exciting … all the best to you and your aunt. im sure you will pace her well! i am still deciding if i will do a DocLoony and make the octoberun part of my long run.

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