Fierce to the Finish

My one big dream since I started joining races is to get a great picture at the finish line. One time lang … yung parang ganito.

It’s still an elusive dream. But eniweis whenever I race I only follow one rule, I try to finish Fierce … ala ANTM.

Im running 5K tomorrow so I will have a chance to take finish line photos my friends. I’m sure you will also be bringing your supporters so remember when you cross the finish line … look fierce don’t crash yet you have plenty of time do to that after. Channel Zoolander hehehe.

You still have time … practice your Finish line look.

Are you going to look Jubilant? Relieved? Thankful? Serious and Determined? Sweaty and Sexy?

Don’t forget gorgeous to end! See you all tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Fierce to the Finish

  1. will remind myself to smile when crossing the finish line… in case somebody takes a pictures. Unlike in the Nike Human Race, where I looked like crap.

  2. Hey Bards I want mine! Since this is an Adidas race in blue I will be in New Balance red — you can’t miss me ha ha. I will try to finish before they dismantle the finish line arch.
    haha sige see you at the finish! zoolander dapat ha.

  3. i should have read this earlier and wore my purple neon tight tights para naka smile till the end sa sikip.congrats on your 5k p.r. brad.way to go!!!!!!

  4. *singing* i had a dream … oh well you know what they said about the best laid plans of mice and men.

    jonel … 5K PR kasi first 5K ko hehehe but at least now i have a 5k time to beat.

    jay … aysus! dapat nga siguro para i saw you. you must have zoomed through the finish line.

    mixed nuts … thanks for the visit. you are right … i was watching most of the runners and they did have varying degrees of smile. from the very wide to the naiiyak tired pero smile pa rin.

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