Who do you run with?

I run with …

1.    T2. My TakawTakbo or T2 friends are my main running buddies. Click here to see how it all started. We run for breakfast, we run for taho, we run for breastfeeding, we run for Team Mila, heck, we even ran for Bayani.  Most important of all, we run because we love it.

We have different paces, goals races and program but on Sundays we try come together for breakfast … err long run and then breakfast.

They keep me running.  Yup, you guys really do, thanks T2. Luv ya!

2.    Master Runners. This week I had the privilege of running with 2 master runners. Sir Roding of the Fort Striders is a 63yo retired PC and Rene of Global Runners is a 53yo retired Army. Running with these master runners was inspiring and entertaining. They kept me on pace also.

I swear they must have internal Garmin. Their bodies seem to instinctively know how to hit the pace they have set. Amazing!

3.    At races…anyone at my pace. At races, I usually end up chatting with runners who run at my pace and starts a conversation. Not just for talk test and help ease the boredom, I also love swapping running stories.

4.    My Imaginary Community. And of course there are days when I run by myself. This is when I run with my imaginary community. Yes, not just an imaginary friend, why settle for one when you can have a whole community.

Seriously, I have really started to appreciate my solo runs. At first, it was all for training, I run solo to practice my mental game.

Now, I run solo and I find tranquility.

5. Running Bloggers/Blogging Runners. And of course fellow runner/bloggers. PC and runMD … thanks for slowing down to our pace when you run with us. DATC and Manokan … it’s good to know that there are runners out there running the same distance I’m tryingout. Baldrunner, hope to see and run with you again sir.

We run, we blog. We might not run together, we might not have even met in person but everytime I read about your runs I feel like I was there too. I learn, get inspired, challenged and laugh with you. Keep on running, keep blogging. Thanks for sharing your runs. 

6.    Brian Sell. I’m my dreams I also run with him. ;P 


8 thoughts on “Who do you run with?

  1. I run with AC-DC, Aerosmith, Black-Eyed Peas, van Halen, the Beastie Boys, even the Bee Gees and ABBA. Nice fellows 🙂

    haha great bunch. but can you imagine the bee gees in short shorts. good luck on your 17km outdoor run.

  2. If given the choice and if there is one available, I prefer to run with someone or with some runners. Kaso, conflict with time and venue. Kaya mag-isa lang akong tumatakbo. My dream is to run with the runner bloggers like you, bards!

    sa KOTR!!! Hope you were able to reg na. See you there!

  3. Brian Sell? Did you have his picture printed and cut out? Placed them somewhere when you run? It was nice to meet you yesterday. 😀 See you again next time.

    tattoed to my heart mwahahaha. kitakits on the run. take care of your back. no to injury motto natin ha!

  4. Hmmm….di ko yata kaya ang mga 32km long runs mo 😉 I’m with you up to 24km lang!

    ochige 24kms ka and then the remaining 8km you run with me in spirit ha. promise when you start training for your first marathon i’ll run with you also in spirit. 😛

  5. I often run alone…kaya nga lonerunner e. Ok lang to run with someone pero minsan kahiya if I am slowing him/her down.

    sa T2 we fixed that by just agreeing to meet at km6 Taho and GoldenTinapa central.

    so si Tergat is a product of your solo runs? keep them coming, love Tergat!

  6. Actually i’ve been running by myself mostly, know one i know is really at the same fitness level I’m at. But running with others is fun sometimes, wish there was a group for me every once in awhile

    one of the many benefits of being a midpack runner, everybody seems to be running at my pace. keep on running!

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