When I was a kid, the phrase DO NOT RUN was repeated to me over and over again. I’d be playing outside and my mom would call out, “Ineng, do not run. Papawisan ka.”  If they ask me to fetch something or go somewhere, I’d immediately take off and skid to a halt because someone would tell me, “Do not run, just walk, baka madapa ka.” Na naman is the unspoken message. Klutz, remember 😛

Do not run … you think I listened? Haha we all know the answer to that one. Here are some running games my friends and I loved to play in Batangas:

PRISONER. In grade school, one of the running games we like to play before and after class is Prisoner. Not sure what they call it here in Manila but it is definitely NOT Agawan Base.

The game is simple, you need 2 teams and each team must choose a base. You send runners out as bait and then the opposing team will also send out their runners. The chase is on. You can only run after and tag runners who leave their base earlier than you did. This is of course often a source of heated debates. You need to strategise … do you send out your fastest runner to draw the opponents or should you keep that runner to save you for later.

You are only safe and cannot be tagged if you are touching your base.

Once you get tagged, you are held “prisoner” at the opponent’s base. All tagged players link arms and form a line and hope to be rescued or “dagit” by their team mate. To get rescued, the runner from your team must tag the line of prisoners.

The object of the game is to ”capture” all the players from the other team.

SAKSAK PUSO, TULO ANG DUGO. This is very similar to MonkeyMonkey Annabelle. You recite a rhyme and each round a player is eliminated. The rhyme goes like this, “Saksak puso, tulo ang dugo. Kutsara tinidor alis di-yan.” I know, it’s a bit morbid but I swear I am not making this up.

The last person not taken out after reciting the rhyme for the umpteenth time is the “It” or “Taya”.

The Taya will start running after the others and will try to tag tem. When tagging runners, the Taya must shout “Saksak!”. If you are tagged or naSaksak, you must stop and freeze. No extra step. No smiling with teeth showing. Yup, show your pearly whites and you are the next Taya.  Your friends can save you by tagging you and saying “Puso“.

We had hours and hours of fun playing these games. I still remember our key runners, Jennifer Achico and Dino Marasigan. They were really fast. I wonder if they are still running…


10 thoughts on “DO NOT RUN

  1. those were fun times… played prisoner a lot during childhood too! hmmm, though I was always picked last because I ran too slow! hehehe

    aw! if you have reunion, dapat hamunin mo na sila ng habulan hehe

  2. Nice to remember the old times… I remember that Prisoner game but really don’t know the name of that game until now. he he. Very happy playing these quadrangle games. That phrase “baka ka madapa” is like a broken record for me. kaya eto dami sugat sa tuhod.

    I really enjoy reading your blog.

    tanx for the visit! and, naku lampa ako so sugat ng bukol all over so may reason naman talaga si mommy sa do not run mantra niya hehhe

  3. Hahaha! The kutsara-tinidor part I don’t remember… Kakaiba itong batangas version.
    Langit-Lupa impyerno,
    Saksak puso, tulo ang dugo
    Patay-buhay, umalis ka na riyan

    Do you remember the rhyme we heard the kids reciting a few months ago in pasig? It makes saksak puso sound really tame. But then again, most nursery rhymes i know seem to have a morbid element to it naman. jack n jill, humpty dumpty, even ring a ring o’ roses…

    nagconsult pa ako for this one sa elementary/hs yahoogroups ko. so confirmed yung kutsara’t tinidor. valedictorian namin yung nagbigay niyan hehehe.

    Credit for verifying info and rules goes to Ian. Thanks!

    now I just need to find a photo of Dave Brodet and I can convince you guys that I dont make these things up. 😛

  4. did you ever play on moon-lit nights? i remember those brownout nights in my sleepy hometown and when it was a full-moon night, we played on the streets and played hide and seek among many other games that threw caution to the wind.di pa uso and game boy at psp noon.

    and bards,hope the mode is on come thursday or whenever.yeah,barney pruples…..way to go.

    korek! taguan and patintero naman ang game namin. sana di na ulan sa thursday, i need to do tempo. see ya sa route!

  5. we call the prisoner game as agawan base during our time (not so long ago,hehehe). we even do it with 3 or 4 teams para labu-labo. Anyway, hit pa rin sa mga bata yung mga games na ito. It’s great to remember those childhood days. I like your drawing too of the prison game! God bless!

    thanks BroJ. astig yung 3-4 teams … i can just imagine if we tried that in school then. haha

  6. langit-lupa and patintero involves a lot of running too! 🙂

    we tried playing a mega patintero in one of the side streets ng Bel field dati. saya, we had to patotots. kaso we ended up in East Ave kasi naghead on collision yung dalawang patotots. ouch!

  7. nice running at you this morning bards.hope you enjoyed the playground.saturday then.

    saya nga ng route mo. enough hills and flats to recover before going to the Brits. i figured that was you when I saw the ink. Sabado ulit!

  8. pag mas maaga tayo magkita sa playground,isama ko kayo sa loob ng’s a mile-long route and may killer uphill doon at the very end,higher than what is in front of the brits.dalasan niyo sa playground pero may mamugad namang ibang tao doon.salamat at naka on ka kanina.saturday is it.

    you were not in neon newtons.

    day off ng newtons, i try to alternate shoes para it di masyado bugbog.

  9. HeyBR, saw you at 6 am MKH, on your way to C5? Tried to follow the route from the mkh gate then to Market2 to BHS but I think you went the other way…

    ey there. i didnt see you, we went to C5 and went back via blue leaf/accenture. i was running with some members of fort striders. katawa, i wanted to walk up mckinley back to lawton but Sir Roding who is 63yo was running it so I had no choice hehehe

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