Pasta please

The long runs are getting longer, it’s time to practice carbo loading for the D-Day. I need to figure out how much I need to carbo-load for the long runs. I don’t want to load up and not be able to burn the what I ate.  Aside from making me gain weight, I end up sluggish if I carbo-load too much.

For now, I’m trying out eating one-cup rice for lunch and dinner on days before a run and on run days I only eat half a cup of rice.  Yes friends contrary to popular belief … our running is not exactly a free pass to eat whatever we like.  Moderation is still the key.

To prepare for my 24K two Sundays ago, I had pasta for Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner. It worked for me. I didn’t fade away after the run and didn’t gain weight also. I’m replicating that this week and will hopefully get the same effect.

Small problem, I’m not really a big fan of pasta. Plus I only know how to make birthday spaghetti and it includes a tetra pack of all-purpose cream. Not exactly very healthy 

So I had a quest last Friday, I trawled the net to look for an easy recipe. And I found this one … Lemon Zest Pasta. It’s easy enough to prepare. Cook the pasta and toss in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. I tried to imagine how it would look like and it felt a little sad. 

Shopped for the ingredients last Friday and tested on Saturday. Not so bad. It didn’t look very appetizing … kaya no picture … because it was just pasta white with black pepper and chili flecks. (Oh I added chili to give it a bit of zing.) But it tasted really good. I paired it with chicken and it was a surprisingly simple and refreshing pasta dish. I was very generous with the lemon juice. 

Next week I will attempt to make Pasta Pomodoro. Now this one looks a bit cheerful.

21 thoughts on “Pasta please

  1. bards, add some organic fresh vegetable salad with french or whatever salad dressing you prefer and your carbo-loading is already perfect..good luck on your training. drinks? i suggest, water!

    im trying to stick to water but i have to plead guilty to having 2-3 cans of regular coke after sunday long runs. best reward after a long run.

  2. I always have the same fear. I dont want to feel “heavy” come race days but I would like to have that extra energy of race day. I feel sometimes like a pig consuming somuch carbo just before the race. Anyway all the best and I know it will go well.

    training has been a lot of trial and error but it is fun. i actually enjoy figuring out what works. i need to work on hydrating properly in the coming weeks.

  3. Pasta had been my favorite excuse for eating a lot when preparing for a long run. I’ll try to share some of my recipes too. Actually medyo experimento na rin. 😀

    nice … will wait for your post on your recipes. if i can, i would carboload on rice but i just feel so bloated when i eat lots of rice.

  4. buti pa kayo marunong magpigil sa food. sobrang hina talaga ng willpower kong hindi bumigay sa impulsive eating. not for anything, but i end up spending a whole lot daily just for food! and.. i don’t know how to cook. post na the photo of the pasta!
    aha! nailed the other reason for trying to cook. its so much cheaper this way. pasta dish is about 200-upwards. i just can’t cook pretty stuff. hehe

  5. Hi bards, hope to help you with some pasta recipe which i love to cook. what kind of sauce you prefer… tomato base, white sauce, brown, green? You can try a simple tomato and garlic sauce with olive oil. Try the chunky or dice tomato sauce to have your pasta sauce some texture. You can add slice bacon if you like. Have you tried pesto? The key to a good pasta is to use olive oil and good brand of pasta cooked al dente. Happy carbo loading! Hope to see you around!

  6. Looks like your training is going well. To add to what BroJ said, look for the Molinera brand of canned tomatoes. Just saute garlic in olive oil, add the molinera plus whatever stuff you want in your pasta like bacon, or olives and capers, etc. I particularly like the combination of century hot & spicy tuna, black olives, capers and onions.

  7. Bro J – i prefer simple sauce. olive oil or tomato based. dont like pesto very much … to rich.

    i need help on a good brand of olive oil.

    DATC … I saw those molinera tomatoes last friday. i wasnt sure what to do with them. heheh will pick up some for my pomodoro. then for my 32K will try your tuna olive caper combo. i think this will photograph better hehehe

    running and now cooking. multi skill training na ito.

  8. Btw, get the molinera whole tomatoes, not the crushed ones. I find the crushed variety too watery.

    We use extra virgin olive oil at home. I’m not particular about the brand, basta extra virgin. Now I’m hungry…..

  9. I use Rafael Salgado brand. Extra virgin olive oil. It’s good to use for pasta even without cooking. Pang salad din sya. I also use the molinera brand for my tomato based pasta. I think DATC is a good chef too! He knows the good stuffs. For pasta i use San Remo brand or any brand made from durum wheat.

    regarding the pesto, may you have tried the one with cream and not the one with olive oil only.

  10. was that you in pink/purple newtons at bhs around 6am kanina?
    i thought it was you but my eyes were starting to fog from running-old age you know.
    meet you soon.

  11. haha yup, thats me in my barney purple running tights. bonked on the speedworkout. legs wouldnt turnover fast enough. so I decided to have an easy run na lang. ended up running all the way to work. 😛

  12. Hey Bards…I find the carbos important but every once in awhile, the protein helps only due to the feel of sluggishness. Anyway, glad the training is going well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I’ll try to put more variety into it as we get closer to the trip.

  13. bugobugo – ya saw that post at runrio. 😛 umabot kaya ako? thurs and sat will be running around again. di rin ako kanina masyado naka ms. congeniality modeON kasi i was trying to convince my legs to run. see ya!

    wayne – thanks for dropping by. training is going well. as the runs get longer, i think i need to insert recovery runs before i do my quality workouts. i run and learn … 🙂

  14. Ey BR, fill me in on what you plan to load up the morning of race day ha? continue writing on your experiments, I’m getting a lot of tips kasi ..

    ey Chito, hehehe tanx. I will post it, promise. At syempre, banana will be on the menu. 🙂

  15. i so love pasta! but i can’t cook… not even to save my life. (well i can pala, pero microwave… you name, i can microwave it! haha.) so, suki na ko sa tenderbobs every sat night… love their pesto crema! 🙂

    haha magaling-magaling! ingat kasi ako, ive managed to burn bread na sa microwave not pretty at all. oh well, necessity is the mother of all invention. kaya ayan im trying to reinvent myself as a cook. and trying to like pasta.

  16. Try the Carbonell extra virgin olive oil. It’s pretty good. They also have a special selection (using special olives) to make their extra virgin olive oil. I think it’s called mezquita. I saw it in Rustans. Really yummy for salads!

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