Sagada: Mountain Run

The original plan was to do a trail run. But after my unfortunate accident in the rice terraces from Bomod-ok Falls, I didn’t think my friends could survive another one of my episodes. What happened?  Well … while we were walking along the rice terraces I fell…then slid down about 2 meters. From my point of view it was no biggie, the brushes and plants stopped my fall and I found something to hang on to. They pulled me up very quickly. Sorry Ronnie the Guide, sorry Mesh, I can sometimes be a blond. As I write this, I kinda figured that your view from the top of the rocks below was far scarier than mine. If/when I say again that I can pull myself up … please feel free to haul me up quickly again.

We started our run at 630am. It was very cool so I wasn’t worried about our late start. Our goal was to run 12km … easy lang.  To avoid the jeepneys and the dogs, we decided to run towards Fidelisan. This was the same road we passed the day before and was a bit familiar to us.

After a couple of kilometers, I realized that I wasn’t paying attention the day before. We just kept climbing up. Haha my first mountain run! It took me 1hr to complete 5K going up and just 33min to do the 5K going down. But I loved it plus my first negative split!

We passed a few locals on our run. I would say good morning and they to respond in Ilocano. Most of the sentences ended in “jogging”. I did not dare to contradict them so I just smile and say “Opo, jogging.” They were quite amused that we were “jogging”. We saw a priest and he smiled at us and said “Why dont you just walk?”. Ha! Why walk when you can run di ba? 

We were not able to avoid the dogs. I have to work on my stare-at-the-dog and establish dominance. I am still at the the stare- and-freeze stage.

We were running with towering pine trees on our right and rice terraces on our left. The side of the road was carpeted with pine needles. The waiting shed in the photo is my favorite spot. It was a bit cloudy but while we were there the sun hit the terraces and water falls at an angle that made the whole vista even more magnificent. Magical even.

Here are some more photos.

19 thoughts on “Sagada: Mountain Run

  1. bards, nice experience and pictures on your sagada mountain run. i really envy you. i think we should go to tagaytay with “high altitude” one of these days or go to antipolo for a more accessible and cheaper trip to reach the mountain trails. how about mt arayat or mt pinatubo run? hope to see you soon with mesh!

  2. surely BR! the mountain run killed my calves but of course i will do it again. havent been to Arayat but Pinatubo will be a beautiful and challenging route. maybe BR events can also organize running parties/tour packages ;P

  3. I fell…then slid down about 2 meters.—

    slid? you really have a knack for understatements.
    thanks for the yoghurt. it helped me deal with my trauma…baliw ka talaga!

    GP kasi yung rating ng blog. no gore hehehe. and you must have been in shock pa nga … i owe you golden tinapa pa … you paid for your yoghurt ;P

  4. WOW! am sure pwede yan pang rave run sa RW mag. heheh

    Lonerunner!!! may bago ka na moleskin? bili na tayo ng new one for you? our photogfriend couldnt go with us sa run. sayang nga eh. next time.

  5. nice pics…the one with the waterfalls reminds me of how i jumped into the water after the hike down…only to remember my wallet with my atm cards still in my pocket.

    Hindi ka naman excited. We couldnt go sa water because they were still being very careful. The day before nga our trek, the falls was closed kasi the water was too high. A few weeks back kasi a 16yo girl died. Her foot got stuck in the rocks and they couldnt pull her out in time. The water was rising fast and she drowned. Tragic!

  6. ganda diyan! reminds me of how baguio was in the olden days 😀 hey, bumalik na si lonerunner sa pag blog? 😀

    Joe, ganda talaga. We took the bus down from Sagada to Baguio. Tapos the moment we hit the city proper … sobrang sad … kasi parang nasa manila ka na rin sa sikip and traffic.

    Di pa yata bumalik si Lonerunner … I went to his blog no new entries.

    yoohoo! lonerunner! hehehe

  7. great pics bards. mukhang saya ng trip nyo ah. 🙂 that’s one beautiful trail… parang ang fresh ng surroundings.
    so, i think you’re ready to join makiling next year… hehe. 🙂

    oh i saw your makiling run … pamatay! next year game na siguro ako dyan. sagada didnt disappoint. food was great also … we just didnt find masarap na chopsuey. i wanna go back again.

  8. hi 🙂 i’ve been an avid reader for a while now and just want to say that you’re one of my inspirunners too 🙂 goodluck on the sing marathon, i’ll be rooting for you! kahit in spirit lang 🙂 hehe

    Hi Gen! Thanks for visiting. and yes, please … will need all the support for singapore. hehehe

    It’s good to know na my crazy running stories inspire you. Keep on running!

    Sali ka sa Adidas?

  9. yup, that’s so true. Baguio’s been hit by disorganized cityhood… kaya for a lot of people, it’s now just a jump off point to visit the other areas up north… di na siya yung binibisita talaga 😦

  10. hi bards! 🙂 can i call you that? hehe surely!

    yup, i’ll be joining adidas 😀 i plan to reg tom, excited! hehe

    hope to see you there, but i don’t know if i’d have the guts to approach you hehe 😀
    oh goodie! i’ll be hanging around the finish line trying to get photos of T2 friends. 5K lang ako. i just hope i can keep up with my brother. see ya there!

  11. Bananarunning, wla pang Moleskin eh… Ang mahal nung notebook na yun grrrr… heheheh

    lonnyrunner, yup, wla lang time will blog again soon. Thanks!

  12. ey nora, hope the back gets better soon.

    we stayed in Greenhouse. we are travelling on the cheap side. we got single rooms for 150/night. they have strange way of marketing their rooms, they told us if 4 of us shared in one room we only need to pay 100/night. 4 in a room with two beds hahaha

    st. joseph has cottages good for 6pax. regular rate is 3500.

    I think there is a new one also called Blue House(?) not sure about the name.

    Greenhouse was very homey. We really enjoyed our stay there.

    If you are going … you must try the Yogurt at the Yogurt house and Lemon Pie at whereelse but the Lemon Pie House hehee

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