im a hamster again

So Bugobugo had a good run this morning. No rain. Saya!

MiSH finished 10 with a bit of shower. Saya din!

I stayed in bed. Packing the night before took forever. I was only confident about the running kit. After setting aside the running gear everything went downhill. I wasn’t sure what to bring. We will be hiking so how many spare clothes do I need? Rain jacket vs cardigan? Soap vs bath gel?

So on to Plan B … tempo on the treadmill. Just finished it. It was okay. Nothing exciting. But at least I got to run which is always good. I did 1.5km warm-up, 7km at 6:00 (10kph on the treadmill, 1% gradient on the first 5kms), 500m cool down. Cut the cool down and will scramble now to BodyJam. Fave teacher Leo and Andrei team teaching…yey! Active recovery naman di ba?

We are heading to the bus station at 8pm. Bus for Banaue will depart Manila at 10pm and we will arrive at 7am. Just in time for breakfast. Ano kaya breakfast dun? Chopsuey?

Hope to do a trail run on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Enjoy your long runs!

To Harry, Jaymie, Marga, Philip and all ye try/tri athletes … have a good one on Sunday!


11 thoughts on “im a hamster again

  1. bards, good luck on your trek to the mountains. i juz hope it’s not raining there..enjoy your trail run & altitude training.

  2. So we were both up in the Cordilleras last weekend. When hiking the only spare clothes you need are dry/warm ones for sleeping in, and a second set for going home. Bring a raincoat for walking in the rain. Transfer the liquid soap into the smallest tubes (plastic) available, you won’t need one full litre.

  3. Nora – the guide said april daw para the rice terraces are really green pa. you should sched a trip there worth the 12hr travel time.

    PC – they all jumped … i didnt. 😦 Wuzz i know but the guide said 7ft daw eh. plus didnt really want to push my luck

    Chefsy – ya pics galore. sayang, the cave pix are still with Erskine’s cam. next post.

    BR – Welcome Back! Loved running in sagada … definitely going back and will bring more running kits next time.

    BroJ – i actually managed to slip and slide even if it wasnt raining. *talent* but we were lucky that it didn’t rain the whole time we were in Sagada.

    TBR – congrats on your first try at tri! Sagada is ganda talaga. Pix not enough, a must see.

    runmd – hahaha too late. di lang tisod.

    charles – we took heaps, i think we will load it up on in our barkada blog. we just need to do write it first… abangan.

    FR – congrats on your tri. good to hear that the swim went okay 😛 on to the next one?

    Cecil – saw the pix of your weekend, nice! i think your area was much much colder. we didnt camp but still stuck to clothes that would dry easily. i ended up bring soap and just left it at Greenhouse.

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