Long run with milkshake on the side

 Vicky, Mesh, Dingdong, Kathy, Chuchay and I completed our long run in time to join the Mommy Milkshake Marathon.

This is a special run for Mesh and I because this is our running birthday. Last year’s MMM was our first race. They set the bar so high that the other races that followed were a bit disappointing. I really thought then that you always get sandwich and bananas after a race.

This year’s fun run didn’t disappoint. The fun run had 2 water stations. The race course was marked by pink balloons. Moms, dads, babies, kiddies and even a dog enjoyed the event. The schwag was still great, we got a pimiento sandwich, a banana, Absolute water and key chain from Havaianas. Plus if you’re a mom you get extra goodies from the sponsor.

I completed 16Ks already so the 2.6k walk/run was a great cool down and chika time with friends.


10 thoughts on “Long run with milkshake on the side

  1. Inggit na inggit na inggit talaga ako! We were all set to join this race but my son encountered a freak accident the night before (details in my post “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”).
    Congrats for finishing the Feati Run and having the conviction to join the Mommy Milkshake as well.

  2. Thank you for the company. That was a really fun run. Ulan na lang ang kulang, perfect na :). See you on Sunday for the half-m, our nostalgia run on the “hill between the earth and sky.”

  3. nora – didnt do Feati but managed to run 16Ks at my target pace for this sunday’s half marathon in marikina. too bad you didnt make it to the MMM, your kids would have loved it. i hope they sched another one next year.

    runmd – you’re most welcome … sa uulitin! im really wishing for rain this sunday. and remember ‘where loyola’s colors fly’ is the start of the flats … yahoo!

    Sfrunner – thanks … will be needing a lot of luck this Sunday.

  4. Hey Bards, I was singing the song in my mind when I realized that part of it talked about running: . . . . our course is run and the setting sun ends . . . . . . Hmmm. 🙂

  5. HI Bards! It was finally nice meeting you sa MMM 2008… Gusto ko pa sana makipagdaldalan sa inyo… Pero nakita niyo naman kung gaano kalikot ng prince charming ko 😀 Next time!

  6. Hi GG, great to meet you too and your uber cute son. He is such a darling. Longer chikahan next time.

    Margaloo – girl kala ko naman your kitakits meant you will be running with us 😛

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