Conked out and  dropped pace during my tempo workout yesterday after 1.5km. Our target was to do 5k tempo at 6min/km. *Sorry Mesh, good thing you have internal speedometer hehe

So what happened?!? Everything started to hurt! Knees … right and then left and then right shin. Maybe Vicky’s shin splint is contagious. 😛 So I dropped pace, inserted walking breaks and shifted to an easy 5K  with a few speedbursts.

While doing my cooldown I noticed that the my shoelaces near the toebox to midfoot were a bit loose. Could this be the reason? Maybe my were feet sliding around too much? As I tightened them, I remembered that I kept on readjusting them before and during my Thursday  treadmill run. I don’t know about you but I do have days when I can ‘t immediately figure out how tight/loose I want my shoelaces to be and it’s annoying.  Maybe I should mark my shoelaces …

Back to the pain, not sure yet if it my shoelace was the culprit. I attended FinalCuts (free weights class with lotsa squats, lunges and hip hinges) before running so my legs could just be tired. Plus I ‘ve been running on the Newtons lately so my feet could have been readjusting to the Mizunos. A lot of maybes … but still one big IDontKnowWhy. Waah!

I vow to take it easy on Sunday. I think I will put in a lot of Abba and Beatles on my playlist … maybe even some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin 😉

And speaking of shoelaces, I’d like to share these with you (1) RW article on How to Lace Your Shoe and (2) a site dedicated to shoelace Ian’s Shoelace Site.


8 thoughts on “Whodunit

  1. Nice share on the shoelacing. I was going to compile my research on that topic too.

    Goodluck on the Mommy Milkshare Marathon. I’d be at FEATI Run. I hope they accept walkin registrats there.

  2. I had a similar problem this morning. I was supposed to run 16-18 km but starting at km6, my legs felt like lead, despite a very moderate pace. I took a few walk breaks but the heaviness in my legs persisted. I just decided to listen to my body and go home at 10km. There must be something in the alignment of the planets this weekend, eh?

  3. jinoe – hope the Feati Run was fun. Mommy Milkshake didn’t disappoint. 2 water stations for the 2.6km, bananas and pimiento sandwich at the finish.

    DATC – pretty much the same mileage and same pace. plenty of rest also after the milo race. i think i will go with planetary alignment explanation hehehe my 16ks kanina was at my 7-7:30 target pace for next sunday and no pain. magrarain dance ako sa Saturday … ang init kanina!

    Marga – I was looking for something to blame. hmmm but i could be on to something here. ;P

  4. hmm…maybe there really is something to this shoe-lace tying thing. same thing happened to me yesterday, on the way back to BHS my shoelace got untied so i tied it…too tight, stopped and adjusted…too loose, adjusted again, kept doing run-walk because my right foot was hurting. Was finally able to fix the lace when I got to BHS, by then I was at 9km so just did 1 more round then that was that!

  5. must be the 08-08-08 thing. hehe. 🙂
    btw, where’d you buy your newtons? i’m really interested in those ‘coz i tend to land on my forefoot a lot and i heard they’re great for footstrikers. 🙂

    the newtons we ordered online tapos delivered to a friend’s US address and then handcarried to Manila. not sure if they deliver to the Phils. the structure of the shoe gives you no choice but to land on your forefoot otherwise medyo awkward yung alignment mo.

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