three races, see how we run

Results are out. Visit and click on race results.

Remember I said I was listed as a male runner … well because of that I now have my own claim to fame.

Here is a clip from the official race results.

Oh yes boys and girls … I can tell my grandchildren that I finished a trail run 14seconds faster than EverestFame Romy Garduce. hehehe truth be told, I heard him telling his friend that he just walked the 10Ks. But still … hehehe

Takbo Bayani
And then there is this race …

Thanks to DATC for bringing this to our attention, myironshoes for eloquently arguing for us and all ye runners who nagged and bugged the organisers to include female runners.

The question now is …. will I run in this race.

I’m due for a longer than usual long run … let’s see.

Btw, Elvie, the staff who entertained my call today was actually very nice and texted me the update. Thanks Elvie!

Mommy Milkshake Marathon

I will definitely be running this one. The first MMM was my official first race so technically this is my running birthday.

To register, email your name, age, mobile number, telephone number and email address to

See you all on Sunday! Don’t forget to wear pink.


12 thoughts on “three races, see how we run

  1. Bards, a lot has happened since I went to sleep…you being listed as a male runner at TNF, Takbo Bayani giving in…yeah!!! The Mommy Milkshake Marathon…that sounds cool!

    There was a mistake in the SF Marathon results. My friend Greg Brown who is coming back from the prostate cancer surgery was listed as a female runner in the results. I found this very ironic. Take care and have a good week!

  2. oh shoot ! i aint no mommy!
    congrats btw 🙂

    Chefsy … no need to be a mom. ako rin naman. although last year i couldnt figure out what to do with the malunggay pills they gave me. Tara, just join the fun tapos speedworkout.

  3. Atta girl! you kicked fancy ass running that trail! hahaha! (its the side stories talaga that add a new dimension of fun to this whole thing!) bwahahaha!

  4. 😉 eloquent argument?… try eloquent ranting which I’ve had a lot of practice in! You should know!

    I believe it was actually the others like DATC and SFRunner etc. who did the eloquent arguing… The actual discussion/presentation of facts/data that are designed to sway rational and reasonable minds…

  5. haha.. yes!! finished before Romy Garduce.. 😛

    hehehe aliw di ba. he will probably bonk me in the head but hey its the official result hehehe

  6. the result of tnf 20k has a problem. it’s now being discuss at the and hopefully the organizer will take not of it.

    well, i myself didn’t quite happy with their result 😦

    i did wonder why that was your time … hope they get to correct it.

  7. bernadette, gumagaling ka na yatang kumanta! ang kulit ng micro blog mo. I can actually here your voice in my head. I’m still not sure if its with a rock or country vibe though. hahaha!
    hmmm… baka we can use your powers para hindi masyadong mainit sa half marathon? it may just turn out to be a duel between santa clara and the banana?

    ballad ito … i will go the distance … with matching slowmo run

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