Milo: Wet wet wet


Click here for the results 10k-overall-results. And here for the milo-42k-overall-results.


Let me start this entry with a confession. I have been worried about my general running progress. I have been logging in my training runs but my race finish times have been on a down trend. Make no mistake … I had fun in all the races but of course there is still that niggling feeling that my finish times haven’t improved. I know, I know the last 2 race routes (Fuego Mizuno and TNF) were difficult. But still …


So the night before the race, I decided to aim for a subhour finish. I also wanted to try and run a negative split race. My plan for this race was to run the first 5K at 6:00min/km and the last 5K at 5:30min/km.


And like all the great plans of mice and men …


It was a mad dash for us to the 10K starting line. Largely my fault because I woke up late and domino effect to me getting to Mesh house late and we got to the T2 meeting place very very late. The race announcer was already giving the final call for 10K runners when we reached the 10K check in area.


Vicky, Kathy, Harry, Mesh and I stood at the starting line. We were all fiddling with our various gadgets while waiting for the official start. It felt great to be racing with my T2 friends again. Even if we end up separated by our respective paces, we always have a general idea where everybody is and we scan runners at the turn around to cheer for each other.


The rain started pouring down and pretty soon runners started pouring out of the starting line too.


Carried by the wave of runners, I abandoned my 6:00min/km plan at Km2. I was running at 5:30. I figured the rain would help cool me down and allow me to sustain this pace. I did a 5K tempo run last Thursday and I was confident I could sustain this pace.


The rain worked well with me. When I feel like I’m heating up, the rain would start again and cool me down. I was wearing my fuel belt and felt a bit silly. To rehydrate, you just needed to lick your lips last Sunday. And then I thought  … acid rain, yikes! There were lots of puddles … and yes I shrieked a lot but still ran across most of them. At least no mud.


I lost Mesh at Km2. Next thing I know, she was an orange dot in a sea of green at the Buendia flyover. Go girl! Harry was long gone. He managed to zigzag his way to the front already. I couldn’t look back but I knew that Vicky and Kathy were close by.


No dramas at the Buendia flyover, this is a gentle incline only and very short.


After the 5K turn around, I saw a fallen runner. I’m not exactly sure what happened. I slowed down and saw that the first runners to help out had everything in control. At the water station I told one of the marshals about the runner and he said that the medical team is near. In less than a minute, I saw the ambulance heading towards the runner. (I also noted that there was a roving ambulance with medical personnel … great job Milo and Mr Biscocho. You really know how to make us feel safe in your races.)


My pace has now dropped to 5:45ish at this point. I had a goal and I need to focus. I remembered runtintin’s earlier post so I was just kept focusing on what she said about cotton and steel. Here’s an excerpt from her blog


“3. Cotton and Steel. Trying to internalize more of Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, I pretended my limbs and all those connected to it (knees, ankles, feet, toes, arms, hands, wrist, fingers) were like cotton – light, airy, close to weightless, no tension there at all. As for my trunk, that was what had to feel like steel, although not in a tense your muscles kind of way but more like keeping it stable and letting it do all the work. Firm yet flexible.”


Whenever I would feel like relaxing my pace I would just look around me. All the inspiration I needed was right there in front of me. A sea of green, the color of hope, all saying “Kaya mo yan.” (You can do it.)


When the rain showers stopped, I could feel my self heating up. To cool down, I poured water from my fuel belt on my arms and neck. I did this a couple of times. It really helped a lot.


I was also consciously pacing behind one female runner. I have seen her training at BHS and I felt that we have the same pace. She was wearing a blue hoodie. (Hey great pace!) With 3Kms to go, 2 female runners passed me. One was wearing a black belt bag and another wearing an Ipod arm band. When I checked the blogs earlier, I found out the TheFitMommy was the one wearing the black belt bag. Their legs were pretty fresh. I decided to switch and paced with them.


As I got nearer the finish line, the number of people walking to the finished increased. This made it a bit difficult and slowed me down. Luckily, when I turned towards the grandstand, I saw Harry. When he reached me, he pointed the way to the finish line and he said he will clear a path for me. I tried to catch the eye of the girl with the arm band and motioned for her to follow us. I literally had a hawee err hawi boy to get me my subhour finish. Salamat Harry!


My unofficial time is 59:39. Shaved off  3 seconds from my Runnex time but I’m just too happy and glad that I have regained my pace. At subhour pa rin yan … woohoo!


T2 unofficial times: Harry 46:something PR, Mesh 54:40 PR, Bards 59:39 PR, Vicky 1:06something and Kathy 1:11 PR. *dance of joy*


I saw Dingdong at the finish and had a brief chika. I checked his Garmin distance because my polar registered 10.6km. He said it was 10.03km.


We had breakfast at Pancake house. *Yum!*


On our way home, we saw the the 42km runners on their way to Roxas. We cheered for some of them. I saw a familiar face and cheered “High Altitude!” … I should have said “Hi! HighAltitude” but it’s a bit difficult to say. 😛


This is another great Biscocho race. Congratulations po! Not a lot fuss and not a lot hoopla but I felt safe the whole time I was running.


Thank you Milo and Mr Biscocho!


Special thanks to Cathy for taking our picture and getting us to the starting line on time!


19 thoughts on “Milo: Wet wet wet

  1. Hello Bards, you can call me GG 🙂 Yes, I think I saw you in the Milo run – but I was so concentrated – kasi ayaw kong madapa sa wet road… You know why I was sprinting so fast to the Finish? I needed a bathroom ASAP!!!

  2. Congratulations on the PR! All along I had the impression that your PR was already below 1hr? Sounds like you all had a blast. I can’t wait to race again, it’s been a month since my last race.

  3. thanks PC … I was hoping to see you also when I spotted HighAltitude. Congrats also. See you sa future races.

    GG – hahaha kaya pala.

    DATC – sub 1 nga 😛 59:41 at runnex. i think im destined to shave off time by seconds. hay such is life. good thing is i’ve learned to be verrrry patient when i comes to running. getting injured would be so frustrating. Uy can wifey walk around na? Bring her and your baby to the Mommy Milkshake run. Start them young talaga … 😛

  4. hahahahaha… Hi Bards,,,, you really make me laugh… you will know later… High Altitude was laughing when he read your blog on wet, wet, wet… any way… congrets on your 10k race… hope to catch up with you next time…. happy rainy week,,, hehehe,,,,

  5. bards, congratulations for a new PR on your 10K run. i am glad you liked my picture after The SF Marathon. happy running!

  6. I can just imagine how you felt, Bards! Congrats! I was hoping to see you and the other runner bloggers… Maybe next time, when I run my first 10k. (kaso, baka that time, 42k naman na ang takbuhin mo!)

  7. Iban – i was keeping an eye out for you. but maybe you were too fast. congrats also on your 42Ks.

    Wayne – thanks and i hope you have a fast recovery.

    lonerunner – true true true. very simple very professional. i just he would have his own website also.

    Baldrunner – hehe thanks BR. kahit 3 seconds shaved off … im still happy with that.

    Nora – me also. kaso when I finished I figured you guys must have left already because of the rain. i have a question … sa RCBC ka ba nag-gym?

  8. bards,

    that hour, when you spotted me running, i was actually still on the bed covered with a warm blanket ‘haora’ from Himalaya and dreaming… zzzZZzzz…

    I think you saw my spirit there =)

    The bottom line is, i didn’t join the marathon. I might join this Milo final full marathon on next November. I’ll think about it. As of now, i’m training for two full marathons, Clark and Subic Marathon and Milo half marathon in Baguio on October.

    well, congratulations for finishing another race again!

  9. charles – looks like a lot of tiyaga talaga to get to a low 50s 10K finish. buti na lang when it comes to running ive learned to be very patient.

    HighAltitude – har har har either your spirit or there is one freaked out 42k runner out there. he sure looked like you and the guy even waved back. opps …

  10. the guy who waved back at you prolly thought you were really cute…

    bwa har har har korek! opps .. pagcute my tawa pala should be hihihi

  11. Hi! do you happen to know where i could get the 42k results? I checked runmd’s site. Couldn’t find it. hehe. TY! =)

    opps sorry about that. i think i got cross eyed. posted the 42k here na rin also.

  12. Hi BananaRunning,

    It’s good that you got hold of the 10K race result so fast, got an inside track with Milo organizers? 🙂

    timing lang, when i called the organiser’s office, Mr Biscocho answered and immediately forwarded the results to me. 😛

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