Manila Milo Marathon Route


*clipped from the Philippine Star

 Are you ready for Sunday?

Here’s the map.

Before you go to bed on Saturday start chanting “rain, rain, go away. you can come back at 930 am on Sunday”

Good luck to Prom, Iban and HA!

T2 … let’s volt in!


12 thoughts on “Manila Milo Marathon Route

  1. Godbless on your Milo run. No runs for me on sunday but will be supporting my friends who will do the whole 42K distance.

    It must have been awkward to be calling you banana when we were running around highstreet. sorry about that. I’l make sure ill call you Bards next time. See you on races. 🙂

  2. ey taki! no worries … banana is way better than being called Barge (at lagi nangyayari sa akin ito) 😛 good luck sa friends mo. Wish ko lang when we do our Full meron din kaming support team.

  3. bards, good luck on your Milo run. you will be resting already while i am preparing for the start of The SF Marathon with my kids. happy running!

  4. BR – good luck to you and the kids, too. im sure it will be a terrific and memorable marathon for you. say hi to wayne from all of us here in the Phils if/when you get to see him. btw … your new office is just at the end of my street.

    chefsy … sayang! Bandit or Virtual Race? 😛

  5. Hi! Thanks for posting the Milo route this Sunday 🙂 I’ll link it to my blog later. Thanks again! Goodluck to all of us on Sunday 🙂

  6. hahahaha… Im hoping for the rain,,,, I just hope that the weather will be cloudy of if not a bit of rain to help save energy… hehehe… Good luck to you too Bards… hope to meet you this time… happy 1oK,,,,

  7. Bards, good luck this Sunday. Please congratulate Felipe and Ken for me if you see them. That was outstanding, espcially under the cindition that the two had. Have a good weekend!

  8. TFM – thanks for the visit. Im really hoping Mr Biscocho offered eggs na to Sta. Clara. Good luck on your first 10K!

    Ibanrunner – cloudy would be nice. 😛 good luck on your 42Ks. will say hi when I see you.

    Wayne – good luck to you too! will send your congrats to my friends.

    chefsy – Virtual certificate? 😛 last 15lbs hay … it took a lot of patience and 1lb at a time talaga. Here’s a snapshot of my weekly program: 2-3x 1hr free weights, 3 runs, 2 BodyJam and 2 BodyBalance.

    Dingdong – I know! Goodness … wet look tayo tomorrow.

    Runners … it’s sundance time!!!

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