Quick and dirty

After 7 straight days of not running … I managed to squeeze in 3 runs in the last 4 days. I know, I know … cramming is not applicable to running. But in my twisted world, I’m hoping it will help.

13K Saturday The plan was to run 20ks in UP. Unfortunately, after 10ks I was feeling restless and unfocused. I just wanted to stop and eat corned beef. Taho break at Km8 did not help.

Even if Beni and I cut short our run, I still enjoyed running in UP. The shaded oval was pleasant change for me. We agreed to return and run around UP again.

5K Monday I was lucky enough to find trail shoes within the budget I set. I got NB809 from Php1480 from Shangri-la last Sunday. I just need to log in a few kms in it to give it trail cred. Its a bit dusty now … that will have to do.

I did one big loop at BHS and headed towards the footpath across ISM. The 809s were a bit clunky on the pavement. When I got to the footpath, I was happy that it offered good support and cushioning. I had to stop a bit to adjust the laces a bit. I wanted it snug across my arches but a little loose around the toes.

Wayne said that the 809 was one of their best selling trail shoes last year. *whew relief*

I finished off the run with one last loop around BHS.

5K Tuesday 430pm Tuesday. From my desk, I could see dark clouds over TheFort area. Oh no! At around 6pm, it was drizzling. Luckily the sky cleared out by 7pm.

Vicky and I headed to TheFort. I wanted do a bit of speedwork but settled for two 200m speed burst.

We saw runMD. I said hi and then I realized I only knew him as runMD so I had to ask his name.

When he finished his 10K he walked back to FF with us.  Nice to meet you runMD!


Will rest today but will try to squeeze in 2 more 5ks on Thursday and Friday.



10 thoughts on “Quick and dirty

  1. bards, nice trail shoes! good luck this sunday and don’t forget to bring your hydration belt even if you will be running the TNF 10K run.

  2. runmd – sa uulitin!
    chefsy – add away. 😛 yup, TNF na! see you there?
    Bald Runner – Thanks, I will plus bring GU … just in case I get lost hehehe one more week for you…happy carbo loading!

  3. Hi bards, a 1000 apologies… I remembered you were saying before that you will be at the TNF. I didn’t recognized you and I just wish that you approached us. The first few KM was a normal route for HA and I. We were there few weeks before to get the taste of the trail. basically we were ready, but not for the cramps. I felt the 20K wasn’t enough so I decided to continue running back to Olivarez unfortunately I only made 7k on the road due to the cramps (I should ate more banana to avoid the cramps..hehehe). Hope to meet you in other races. I’ll be joining the 42k Milo this sunday.

  4. chefsy – we didnt travel the day before. we left manila for tagaytay at 230 … cross eyed antok!

    SF and Loony – thanks! I was lucky enough to survive the race … no spills, no faceplants! woohoo!

    Ibanrunner – i should have said hi! we will be at Milo but will only be joining 10K. good luck! more bananas to banish the cramps 😛

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