Robinsons Supermarket Buddy Run: Short and Sweet

This looks like an interesting race.

Short … its only 5K and Sweet … you run and finish with a buddy or even better with your hunny! Might be the ideal race for runners wishin’ and hopin’ to get their friends, family and sweets running.

Check it out! The fun run is limited to 300 pairs and registration will close on July 24.

This is brought to us by the same guys that organised the Pringles run … so it should run smoothly!

Happy racing!


16 thoughts on “Robinsons Supermarket Buddy Run: Short and Sweet

  1. lonerunner … i think this is a twist to the til death do us part if your spouses cant run yet hehehe

    PC – no. will be running the TNF. enjoy the race! will read your blog for kwento on this one

  2. charles … in runningDATCom’s blog, new shoes and cute outfits have been discussed as incentives to get partners to run. promise of yummy breakfast works for most of my friends. 😛 good luck, keep us posted in your campaign to convince her.

    wayne … thanks! I definitely need lots of luck for TNF. *no to faceplants* hehe

  3. thanks jaymie! running a measly 10K. originally wanted to do the 20K but i decided to be conservative about my distance kasi first time to do trail. good luck sa buddy run. have fun with hubby!

  4. good luck at the TNF! I will wait for your report on that one too! am sure it’s going to be a good one!

  5. Nora – hehehe my first race was 2kms and i was gasping for air at the end. give yourself a few more months and im sure you will love the longer distances too. Will you be joining the buddy run?

    For sunday, my goal is to finish without a faceplant. 😛

  6. Luv to join the buddy run…if only I had a running partner like Jaymie! Well, better luck next time. Have one year to look for one.

  7. i had a very fun experience with this buddy run! it was so organized and the most interesting part is you get a prize for yourselves right after you finished the race. yes! me and my hubby got to take home loot bags (1 bag/head)with cool stuffs in it, as if your P500/pair were paid back in kinds (i think the stuffs’ worth were even more than P250/bags).

  8. it was a fun event… i like the idea of running together with my gf and somehow i managed to convince her. 🙂 took us forever to finish the run… but it was all good. 🙂

    and yes, i was also amazed at all the goodies they gave… there was even a low-tech pedometer! hehe. 🙂

  9. ashaitin – great to hear you had fun. you guys were so lucky that the rain let up and gave you time to race first before pouring down again. i saw a picture of the goodies from Bullrunner’s blog and it is definitely the best schwag i’ve ever seen.

    charles – woohoo! congrats on getting gf to run. even if it took you forever to finish … thats more bonding time for you guys. so holding hands paswing-swing pa ba kayo? hehehe

  10. haha… 😛 i was actually both amused and amazed that she managed to “run” consistently from start to finish. btw, have some photos in my site. 🙂

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