KM8-10: Libingan ng Mga Bayani

Signs of colds and waking up a bit late didn’t stop me from lacing up and going for a run last Friday. I planned to run for a couple of hours to see how far I can go. I was also planning to try a new route. This route will take me all the way to the very end of Lawton (if I woke up early enough my plan was to cross SLEX and run all the way to NAIA Terminal 3). I started my run later than planned so I had to scratch my SLEX adventure. Maybe next Saturday…

I started at BHS and after I reached the very end of Lawton I turned back and went to Bayani Rd. Instead of heading down to C5 I decided to run inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani first. I wasn’t up to running Mckinley Hill and the 2kms inside Bayani will make up for it.

As I entered Libingan, I saw 4 runners about to start their run also. I went ahead but they eventually caught up with me. I turned and said hello to them. The other 2 guys were running much faster and left us. I ended up running with Nap and Godoy…more like running after. Before I joined them I was cruising in my comfortable 7:30min/km. They were running at 6:30min/km and since I wanted company, I stayed with their pace.  My running companions were from the Army (they were wearing the green army running kit).

After we finished the 2km loop, I said I will drop out. I turned right to head out of Libingan and they went straight. I knew that they were deliberately slowing down to accommodate my pace. So after a few meters, I turned back to check how fast they really run and their running form. And they were nowhere insight… not hidden by the trees, not exactly sure if they were THAT fast and disappeared quickly. Hmm… They must have turned left somewhere and they were really fast. That’s why they disappeared, di ba?  This is how I explained to myself why they disappeared so quickly.

And I ran Km11 down to C5 at breakneck speed. Haha

I completed 16.5kms last Friday in 2 hours and had a leisurely breakfast at McDonald’s.


6 thoughts on “KM8-10: Libingan ng Mga Bayani

  1. bards, don’t worry. the guys would be the army athletes/runners who usually have their circuit runs at the Libingan. i guess, they joined you for their warm-up run and they went on with their usual speed run after you peeled off from them. nice run!

  2. soldiers? sa libingan ng bayani? hmmmm did you see their feet actually touch the ground? if not…moomoo nga !!! mas interesting yung POV na yon hahahaha! RUN FASTER!!! =)

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