afternoon delight

Ive been setting my alarm for 430am since last Friday.

Number of morning runs, still zero.

I still cant bring myself to get out of bed in the morning and do my runs. Somehow my brain has gone on vacation mode and will only wake up early for a trip to the beach. 😛

To make up for my laziness, I started running in the afternoons. I ran 5ks last monday and another 5ks yesterday.

The first run was interesting. I got plenty of funny looks from the neighbors. I think jogging in the morning is acceptable but jogging in the afternoon is something new to them. The dogs freaked me out specially Mikoy,  Tita Aida’s rottweiler. I think I also managed to startle one of my neighhors. Tito Ben was doing his afternoon walk and when I was about to pass him he turned to me with an alarmed look in on his face. He probably thought someone was running after him. I called out a good afternoon and moved on. Tita Precy was my official loop counter, whenever I passed by her house she would asked how many more loops Ive done. Oh yeah, our subdivision is the type where everybody is your Tita and Tito.
I didn’t disturb the peace much yesterday. They kinda accepted the fact that Fely’s crazy daughter “jogs” in the afternoons. Im not running today, I think Tita Precy will want to know why.
I will set my alarm again for 430am later. Wish me luck! Tempo run tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “afternoon delight

  1. The rain is another reason that stops us frm running. I am also having a problem with waking up so early(argh!)…

  2. It’s a challenge to wake up early. I have 3 alarm clock but sometimes they just dont give the right motivation. But I prefer running in the morning. It’s a 50-50 success.

  3. Needs Motivation? On Baldrunner’s blog he mentioned the Ultra-marathon man, if u can get a copy that book can motivate any1.

  4. lonerunner – i know! the rain is truly making it harder. kasi if its drizzling a bit pa I wont get up na only to find out later na it didnt rain pala. Ultramarathon … hahaha when Im dehydrated and towards the end of my long runs, i toy with the idea of running one.

    jinoe – i even tried having 3 alarms. wa epek!

    tin – are you back?

    marga – afternoon race! sali ako dyan. hmm.. maybe we should bug coach rio to sponsor one.

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