One La Salle: 16K Route SneakPeek

The overcast sky and 4-5 raindrops didn’t stop Vicky and I from running yesterday.

I needed to run a bit to shake out my stiff legs. Vicky was a woman with a mission. She wanted to try out the One La Salle 16K route. We agreed to do one loop and if we still felt like running we can finish off our kms at BHS.

We headed out with the 16K route print out. We have been running around TheFort but the markers in the map were not familiar.

We headed to the road near NBC Tent and followed the map to the best of our abilities. hehe

We figured that 11th Ave is the street between Serendra and BHS so we went there and into the inner loop of BHS passing by Honda, Nike and Anta and out again heading towards Market!Market! It was a bit tricky because it was getting dark already.

EveryNation is the place with the waterfalls just across the Market!Market Playground and before the ISM compound. We ended up running on the footpath on the opposite side of IS. We didn’t want to be roadkill. We were not sure where the turn around point was and where summit school was … but we headed towards a tall building which we later found out was the Hanjin building. The route is relatively flat until you reach Hanjin then expect a very slight slope down and of course when you do your turn around its also a very gentle slope up. No biggie. If you ran last weekend, you won’t even notice this bit. 

Back to 32nd St again … i think this will be a very tricky part for runners specially during the second loop. This is a relatively busy road. When we ran Pinay in Action, a lot of cars were passing us in this area. The goodnews is you will be running facing majority of the traffic. I just hope the organizers are able to control this area and manage traffic. Last night, this was our speed workout sector. We could not find a footpath or a sidewalk haha but I was running with Vicky-Woman with a Mission so I turned around and said … tara speed work! Hair raising! We were running facing the traffic and all I could think of was … do not go towards the light! We had cars passing about 2 feet from us. They probably thought we were crazy runners. Sorry po!

The next turnoff is the Jollibee/Chowking area then its straight all the way to McDonalds and the turnoff at 26th St is at One Mckinley condo. Then onto 5th Ave the main road which connects to Lawton. This is the second rolling bit up and down will be interesting on your 2nd loop but just ride the downhill and smile. Uturn is somewhere after Essensa. We found 2 slots but one had a no Uturn sign so we figured  the Uturn will be on the second slot.

Then its back towards NBC tent. I ran with my polar and measured it at 8.1km for one loop but ohwell … we ran a lot of footpaths so not an accurate measurement. I have made my peace with distances. +/-500 is tolerable for me.

After our 8Ks we decided to cool down and walk around BHS. We finished off the day with a yummy dinner at Zong.

So it looks like its going to be a very fast 16K for you all. Very gentle slopes. Watch out for the cars. Oh and very little shade in the 1st 5Ks so don’t forget to put sunblock and hydrate before the race.  The course has a lot of turns so keep your wits about you and don’t get lost.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “One La Salle: 16K Route SneakPeek

  1. You and Vicky were definitely baliw to play speed chicken with the jeepneys! 😉 my kind of people! I’m sure you enjoyed this run. Wish I could have joined you…
    good disclaimer there too… followed the map to the best of your abilities! Hahaha!

  2. I was waiting for your recap and reading this again, I realized you were not planning to run this after all. Nag-dilang anghel si jinoe, madami nawala!

  3. hehehe couldnt run in a sea of green. but at the last minute I decided to join the 5K kaso reg closed na.

    i read about that a lot of people got lost … kaya siguro they recorded different distances har har har. next sneak preview, i will include na a heads up section for the organisers. 😛

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