What do you carry with you when you run?

If its just a short run (less than 10ks), I just put on my running kit and head out. If its more than 10Ks then I bring my fuel belt where I usually put some money to buy Gatorade or something sweet, my phone if I’m meeting up with people and if its more than 20ks then I also pack some power gel.

Do you carry any form of identification?

I didn’t even think about carrying an ID until Tin showed me her RoadID. For us runners, specially those who run alone, it makes perfect sense to carry some form of identification and list of emergency numbers. One of my friends, even included her allergies in her ID.

Before I got my RoadID, I printed out my details in a small piece of paper and made improvised lamination by covering it with scotch tape to make it sweat resistant. I used to put it in the small pocket of my running tights. Not really immediately visible but at least its there and it made me feel a little more secure.

We got our RoadIDs last week! (Thanks to DATC for sharing your discount coupons to us! Thanks to K&H for ordering and the special delivery.)

My wrist ID has my name and contact numbers of people who will not freak out and will be of help in case of an emergency.

Our RoadIDs … wrist, fixx and shoe versions.


6 thoughts on “RoadID

  1. I bring one of my laminated IDs. I even used a credit card once when that was the only thing I could grab. What you got here is neat.

  2. before the roadID, the perfect ID for me was the itty bitty small points card by true value. it was as small as the roadID and i simply printed out on sticker paper my details and laminated with layers of scotch tape, which I then attached to my waterbelt hehehe…jurassic diba? but served its purpose… but since the roadID… it has been sentenced to stay inside the depths oy my junk drawer forever… hehehe

    oh hey just a thought, my doctor-sister told me about putting the + or – after your bloodtype which is for Rh and is just as important as the bloodtype daw…whatever that means… =)

  3. when i was in the states i was keeping an eye on such but i wasn’t really as avid runner then .. but i almost even got myself on hittng on abusiness here for RoadID’s in relation to such BUT a little bit more upgraded however — the amount that you’d have to shed off is .. well, really pricey to begin with.

    sigh. I still am wishing for one!

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