Rush to Infinity: Rush of Blood to the Head

And so I wrote in the previous entry that I had fun during the race. I really did!

I even replied to DATC’s comment advising him to stick to his unofficial time because I was unsure about how they will compute for the time adjustments.

Then I saw the official results. Rush of blood to the head moment. Whatta! Naman! They recorded my time as 1:55. Ouch! And then, everybody else who came in (30th-73rd 15K female) as 2:11.

I know they had trouble when the bulk of 5,10 and 15K runners came in. But they have recovered by the time our lot came in. There was no line, no crash … just runners trickling in. I don’t understand why they were not able to record the time accurately for these batch of runners. You would think they will make up for the earlier brouhaha. Hay … such is life. I will just put this on my list of things that makes you wanna go hmmm …

Lessons learned … mark you own time and remember to hit the stop button when you cross the finish line.

Keep on running and keep on racing!


14 thoughts on “Rush to Infinity: Rush of Blood to the Head

  1. my time was almost an hour off! hehe though tinamad na lang kasi akong pumila so deadma na lang sa official time 😀

    The way I approach official times is that if its faster than my watch time, believe the official time. Pag mas mabagal, may nagkamali sa organizer, kaya stick with the watch time! hehehe

  2. Tama si loonyrunner! You should go with the time that works best for you! 😉 If I go with the ‘official’ mizuno II results then that means I ran my best 15K by walking it! Hahaha! Ok na yun. I enjoyed the run and the mamon!
    And YES! You agreed to the 10K trail run na. Wala nang bawian!

  3. I think that serious runners should really invest in some for of time piece for running the brand or technology does not really matter so as long as it will record your time during the race. It really helps especially when you are trying to beat your personal best.

    My official 10K time : 1hour :12 mins
    My Garmin Time : 54:30

  4. joe … i like that approach. will keep in mind. i wonder if it will work din sa distance. 😛 i really wanted to stop na when the polar said 15K hehehe

    mesh … you got mamon! kaingit. at ugh sige na nga 10K trail run it is… bakit di na lang yung 20K tapos we can take it easy and count it as a long run.

    albert – hehehe wag mo na pansinin yun. my posts usually have lots of typos and grammos also. pero i agree and i’ve seen it mentioned in the other blogs also. runners or those starting to run should at least have a digital watch they can use to time their runs. its a great training tool talaga and mentally calculating km splits is a very good way to pass time also when you are running.

  5. Mizuno part 3 na kaya ito?

    When you responded to my earlier comment, akala ko naman you were already aware of the discrepancy between your actual and official time. I guess not 🙂

    From the overall comments, I think people were still happy with this race compared to the first Mizuno since most have their own unofficial times anyway.

  6. Ayuz Mizuno 3, I will still join!

    I wasnt thinking about the official results and then I saw your comment sa blog ni PC. Hahaha rush of blood to the head talaga. But it was really a fun race for me. I love the route. I just can’t help but feel let down. *sigh*

  7. Hi Bards. Congratulations on the run. I know you and others were let down by what happened. However, you know what you did.

    If you have a chance, please check out my latest blog entry. Sometimes, it’s not easy to put things in perspective but it’s happened to me. Take care.

  8. Unofficial news… (was with Rio earlier)… He has something in store for ALL the participants of Rush to Infinity aka Mizuno II… Keep your bibs or something like that… I want to say what it is already but… SURPRISE. Stay tuned 😛

  9. one of the ways to help you figure out if you are on track with your goal pace is if you write down your time per km on your arm before hand. That way each time you pass a km marker you can check the time and the expected time on your arm to see if you are on goal pace. Hopefully you use ink that won’t wash off with sweat while running. Congrats on a good run!

  10. thanks wayne! and great new layout and overall blog look.

    PR – uy surprise … interesting! i still have the bib, yey!

    PC … when i started running and i didnt have my polar yet i wrote talaga my goal times per distance. hehehe OC pero on a piece of paper naman. so taka wait, batchmate tayo?

  11. I agree with u, I thought Mizuno will redeem itself by having a well-organized race this time. I cannot understand how other runs can operate smoothly and while others just cant be able to do it right. Goodthing am out of town and aint able to join. 😦

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