23K Monday

I’ve set my mind on doing a 23K run last Sunday but Frank came so I had to postpone it. Plan B was to run in the afternoon, but Frank decided to stay the whole day. So on to Plan C, run on Monday after work.

Yesterday, there were still low dark clouds. I really wanted to run. I had to do something about it.

I remember when I was a kid, when we wanted to make sure that we will have a sunny day, we would draw a picture of the sun and put it outside. The idea was that it will attract the sun to come out. It worked when we were kids so I gave it a try again. I drew a sun with a smiley face and put it on my window sill. It did! It did! The dark clouds disappeared … the fact that Frank was on its way to Taiwan also helped.

Left the office early and was running at 5pm. I like afternoon runs, the sky is more dramatic. I saw quite a few people starting their runs early. There was even one guy who was just running around Mckinley Hill. Uy practicing hehehe.

Only problem with afternoon runs is that you are likely going to end up running in dark parts of the route. By the time I reached Lawton it was already dark I had to run faster to get to 32nd street and the well lit part of the The Fort.

Finished my run at BHS. It was a satisfying and very easy long run. I completed my 23Kms in 3:10mins.

Today, I know what a manananggal feels like, its all upper body and no feeling in my lower body har har har


4 thoughts on “23K Monday

  1. hey, bards, congrats for a nice easy long run..that’s 3 hours + and i could see a full marathon finish before the end of this year! good luck! see you this sunday!

  2. hehe thanks Baldrunner. Thats the plan, im just building up time on feet to increase my endurance. btw, good luck on your Badwater ambition… how exciting!

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