speedy friday

I haven’t done a speedworkout in a while and I was excited. The last time I did one, I bonked big time.

It was drizzling a little when I got to BHS but this light drizzling didn’t stop the other runners and bikers so Mesh and I had no excuse but to join them.

On the menu today, warm-up 2big loops (1.2×2) – 3 x 800m with 400m slow jogs – cool down 1 big loop.

I had to make a few adjustment with our repeats distance since its been a while since we last did a speedworkout. Instead of 1.6km, I decided to cut it to 800s. I also added distance to our warm-up, I was hoping that this will help us hit the pace. Target pace for today is 5:08min/km.

The longer warm-up really helped. During the first loop, my legs were too heavy. I was complaining that my kick were just not going high enough. I was thinking ngork no lift, no speed.

After the 1st loop, I could feel my legs warming up. I was able to do an easy 730ish. Pretty soon it was time to do the first repeat. My legs were still fresh so I was able to hit the pace. I glanced at my watch and saw that I was at 4:30 pace. I pulled back because I still had 2 repeats to do and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go faster and faster or stick to the pace just like in the tempo runs (will read up on this later). Mesh disappeared somewhere around Honda. I wasn’t sure where she went. Hmm… (I found out later that she got distracted by a man singing in the corner and all the activities around BHS so she decided to have a stroll instead. Happy to report that she completed her speedrepeats in the gym.)

The 2nd repeat, I stayed at 5ish. Looking back the legs were fine but I was watching my breathing more. I wasn’t gasping for air but I was breathing heavily.

The 3rd repeat  was a commitment test for me. I could have stopped but I really wanted to finish this workout strong and I did. My pace was a bit erratic not like the first 2 repeats but I still stuck to the 5:08ish pace.

Next speedworkout, I can probably add 1 or 2 more repeats.

So what did I learn today:

1. It’s always good to have a plan B.

2. Nothing beats having a proper warm-up.

3. Sometimes you just need to suck it in and complete your workout.

Rest tomorrow and then 23Ks long on Sunday!


3 thoughts on “speedy friday

  1. Hanep talaga, 5:08 speed workout…smoking!

    Could the man singing in the corner have been Bald Runner singing Bee Gees tunes from his mp3 player? See his 16k run entry, hehe

  2. hahaha baliw. but if you use your pringles time to calculate your speedworkout pace … im sure your training pace will be much faster.

    sayang! baldrunner singing … a must see sight. no the man serenading mesh was singing a tagalog song daw.

  3. wow! that was a fast speed workout! keep it up and you are doing it right with the warm-ups & recovery runs. it was already past 9am last wednesday when i was at BHS and started singing while running. see you soon!

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