A blog entry for Joy

My friend Joy told me the other day that this blog is all about running. Hmm… maybe that’s why I called it called bananarunning. hehe

Eniweis, since Im a pushover, I’m making this entry to break the running theme.

Im sharing two of my favorite photos. I’ve printed these 2 and they are hanging in my cubicle. To relax at work, I just stare at them. 

 “Tulay sa Pansipit” This bridge is in Pansipit, Agoncillo, Batangas. Dad is from this area and he said that my lolo was one of the folks who built this bamboo bridge. Yup, its that old (but surely they must have replaced a plank or two hehe) People still use this bridge to get to the main road.

This is how it looked like when I was a kid. It still looks the same … rickety but always an adventure to cross.  My nephews had a blast when we visited the bridge.

                                    “Kickback” This picture was taken in Puerto Galera early this year. We just got off the boat and was resting outside our rooms. This is the roof of the restaurant right outside our rooms. The sky was really that blue and peaceful. I waited and waited for a bird or a manok to complete the composition but they failed me that day.

Galera was my reward for completing the Subic Half. I see this scene and all the happy moments and triumphant feeling of completing the Half comes flooding back.


6 thoughts on “A blog entry for Joy

  1. Hey! An entry about….after running. This I like. The fuego pictures look really nice. When is the next trip there after this weekend, wait and the weekend after this? This wedding is cutting into my out of town opportunities

  2. hehe i was hoping you wouldnt notice na nagfullcircle sya back to running 😛 but galera was fun … kickingback, pigging out and bumming around with great friends. *cue in violins*

  3. I dont know why but I find the Pansipit bridge picture sad but peaceful….maybe becoz of the story behind it. 🙂

  4. Interesting picture of the bridge. There’s a bridge in Canada that is somewhat similar called the Capullano Bridge.

    Congratualtions yesterday at Fuego!

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