the never ending story …

My last entry about my fitness story ended with me faced with the challenge of maintaining my weight. I have to admit now that maintaining my weight is harder than losing weight. For me, it meant embracing a new lifestyle.

Im so happy I found running and friends who love it as much as I do.

13 thoughts on “the never ending story …

  1. Galing! Thank you ha, hirap na nga ako mag lose ng weight and now you’re saying that maintaining is even harder than losing 😎

  2. naku sayang! didn’t get to read that issue of Inquirer… anong date ba yan? I probably can read it in a library somewhere 🙂 Wow! dumadami na ang mga celebrity runners! Congratulations!

  3. dong – i know, slightly kainis but guys are mas swerte it easier for you guys to shed the weight and gain muscle.

    cecil – siksik to pasikat hehehe

    BR – pede na tayo magtayo ng mutual admiration society sir 🙂

    joe – tuesdays paper. uy! congrats on your splits sa weekend run. grabe konti na lang elite ka na.

    Jaymie – thanks 😛 ang totoo, vanity driven muna sya and then you just transition to wanting to be healthier and stronger.

    runmd – 😛

  4. HAHAHA I agree! That’s how it usually starts, dahil sa vanity! 🙂 Naku, malayo pa akong maging elite… each small improvement is now getting tougher and tougher to attain. Pero, that’s why we train… sige, hanapin ko yung issue na yan 🙂

  5. Wow! Congrats Bards! Continue to be an inspiration to people. If it weren’t for your site (and TBR and BR), I wouldn’t have started mine… Galing!

    Sikat na sikat ka na ah! hehe

    I agree, vanity muna. Ako, I’m enjoying shopping again… after 4 years, I get to go shopping again and my old clothes that I’ve never worn fit me now 😀

  6. Tin – grabe, Fuego route is probably the best route … if you want to die har har har or like rolling down instead of running.

    Eric – I agree! Shopping plus getting clothes na you wouldnt dare to wear before is one of the best rewards for me also.

    CatA – thanks. oh and hope to finally see you sa Mizuno 2

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