Tuesday vs Thursday

The Need
I really needed to run. Just run. This is very hard to explain but there are days when you just need to run. And when you do complete your run no matter how long or how hard it was, you just feel refreshed, recharged and satisfied.
Thursday. I needed to train. Thursday is my quality run day. Dedicating a day for quality run has significantly improved my time. I needed err wanted to train and follow my program.

Before the Run
Tuesday. I tried to run on the treadmill. My legs just felt heavy and I couldn’t focus. I just stopped.
Thursday. I was determined to hit my pace. I was focused on my form. But I just woke up. The alarm didn’t work today. I had a feeling before I slept that I might have a hard time waking up. So to make sure I get up early, I wore my polar and set its alarm also. When I got the text from Mesh, my first instinct was to check the time. Ha! No Polar! I found it under my pillow. I must have removed it when the alarm went off. I woke up at 5:09 and was running at 5:40. I think I was still half asleep.

The Run
Tuesday. I left the gym and just started running. No footpod, no Ipod. My goal was to complete 3 HV dela Costa – Valero loop. Since I was running unplugged, I just enjoyed the run. No constant pace checking.
Thursday. The plan was to do 5 BHS loops at 6min/km pace. After 2 loops, I couldn’t keep track of my heart rate. My pace was very erratic. I was practicing the lean but I swear I couldn’t hit the pace even if I was
leaning low enough to kiss the pavement. Exag! I was hitting 90% HR far to early?!? I told Mesh that I was breaking pace and slowed down to my easy run pace of 7:00-7:30 and decided to just enjoy the remaining kms.

After the Run
Tuesday. It drizzled a bit so I had to hurry back to the gym. I didn’t want to catch a cold. I was giddy happy and treated myself to a large avocado shake.
Thursday. I was very disappointed. I enjoyed the last rounds but I didn’t meet my goal. I was blaming everything from my purple running tights to the tea I had after dinner. Kainis! The day was saved by the Breakfast Sampler at Grams. Yum!

Patawa Moments
Tuesday. You always see this in the movies. Someone not looking where they are supposed to be going and then a group moving a big billboard appears out of nowhere and they start side stepping to avoid each other. This of course happened to me last Tuesday. Manongs installing the Unionbank signage along dela Costa and I had a weird side stepping dance moment. To end the silly dance, I just stopped and let them cross first. They ended up helping me by counting the number of loops I’ve completed.

Thursday. The pink poodle who loves walking at BHS is chizcurls orange na. This time I remembered to check if the owner was nearby before I made a comment. (He was a really big guy and if he wanted an orange poodle, he should have one.) He was and so I decided not to say anything. Plus, I think I’m not up to date but there seems to be a craze over hip rotations/rolls. Hip rolls … the new “It” workout move? Hehehe Yup, Mesh and I saw not one and not 2 more like 5 morning exercisers doing various versions of hip rolls around BHS… and another one pa sa Rockwell.

Tuesday. I think I saw Coach Ige.
Thursday. I think we saw Taki of Tech Spec. He was fast. Checked his website, sya nga yun.

In the End
Tuesday. I slept soundly tickled pink and pleased with myself. The decision to run away from the gym and run outside paid off.
Thursday. I am at peace with my Thursday run (repeat 12x). Truly. The the slow loops was not a waste because I used it to focus on my upper body movement and keeping a straight column. I just wished I was able to hit my target … I am at peace with my Thursday run (repeat 12x) hehehe

Long run on Saturday! I can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday vs Thursday

  1. next time I suggest you cut your workouts to smaller bits when you feel tired. Instead of doing 5 BHS loops at 6 min pace than do 2 x 2 loops and take it easy in between or do a step down. 2 loops, 1 loop and 1 loop and do easy run in between.

    I remember days when i planned to do 12 x 400 meters but instead I did 3 x 400 rest 5 minutes and then 3 x 400 5 minutes rest and 2 x 400.
    I still got some quality workouts inspite of having some running Blues.

    good luck

  2. ey marcoparco! that makes sense. I will keep this in mind next time I bonk out again. I realize now that I did give up too easily last Thursday. Thanks for dropping by and for the tip.

  3. Valero-HV de la Costa loop! You might as well enrol in our course so you have company to run there on Wednesday nights, from mid-June to early October 🙂 Ige Lopez would be your first lecturer.

    Orientation night at the BDO tower basement auditorium on Makati Av on June 11 6:30pm.

  4. hi bananarunning. What is the distance of the BHS loop? Is that running around the BHS perimemeter outside of the two parking areas behind ROX and Starbucks? I drove around it last night and parang 400 m from fullybooked to ROX so if it’s aperfect square baka 1.6 km?

  5. cecil – wednesday runs, interesting. where do I register? running clinic ba ito?

    runmd – we just measured the BHS loop again kanina. 2oom per block so the the big loop is 1.2km. sabi ko na you looked familiar. we graduated 94. org mo ba dati LIKAS?

  6. Thanks for the info re BHS loop. Baldrunner said inside libingan loop is around 3.1 kms from AFPOVAI office outside and back. I’ll try to run otdoors for a change. Yup, I was with LIKAS and PreMed Society but wasn’t really active. See you in the next races!

  7. Nay, ha ha. But the training is mostly runs and ramps. You may register at the orientation on the 11th.

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