Run with Pringles : Unofficial Results

The unofficial results of the Race with Pringles as captured by eXtribe Technical Timing team is now available at Extribe says that the official results will be published upon approval of Procter and Gamble, Philippines.

Im no. 203 out of 709 with an official time of 27:35:04. 😛

Thanks to eXtribe, Pringles and P&G. It was a fun race!


2 thoughts on “Run with Pringles : Unofficial Results

  1. Hmm, I swear I saw Totoy with the Bald Runner at the Market! Market! race which was run simultaneously. I even shook his hand at the start line! Is this a namesake runner? (106th finisher at Pringles, which would be very slow time indeed for this elite runner)

    >>baka si Totoy Jr? *:P im making this up* not familiar with him but you are right it is very slow for him, I checked his other finish times. he was 1:08 @ Mizuno 15K and 00:41 @Condura 10K.

  2. cecil … he was at Market!Market! nga. read in BRs blog that he donated his shoes pa. hmm. baka he ran both races or baka may totoy jr nga.

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